Our Founder Hayden Mcevoy

Meet Hayden McEvoy, Our Founder

I am speechless when I reflect upon A Team Tuition, and the journey I have been on thus far. Through so many ups and downs, I have been incredibly fortunate to have my personal experiences, community, and family; I am also so incredibly proud of everything both myself and A Team Tuition has accomplished!

Getting to this point has been quite a journey. As a child, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and struggled with it for years. I was constantly in trouble at school, home, and basically, anywhere I went. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have great parents who never gave up on me.

My mother, Janine McEvoy, actually studied psychology herself so she could learn how to raise an ADD child successfully. She has been a huge component of my success, and the innovative and psychologically based programs we have developed here at A Team Tuition. My parents refused to medicate me; instead, over a long and exhausting period throughout multiple failures and few successes, they taught me how to control my ADD and pursue my dreams.


Having gone through my own personal trials, I now stand here today with my collection of successes: an average of High Distinctions in a Science undergraduate degree, a multi-business owner and entrepreneur, and once, one of the fastest swimmers in the world for my age (2008). Throughout this long journey, I have had to work harder than my peers to make up for my inability to focus. However, in the end, I have produced nothing short of what myself or my parents have always expected of me.

After finishing high school on straight A’s, I wanted to allow every single student who was in a similar position to me the same opportunity I was lucky enough to have. This is exactly why I have created the Secrets to Academics Revealed (STAR) Program, unique to A Team Tuition. The program literally began as a summative depiction of how I went from a failing student to an average HD and A student. Over the years, it has developed through student successes and further research and development into the innovative, life-changing movement it is today.

I am living proof that it can be done; that against all odds, or anything people say, you can become successful if you are determined and strong-willed. However, to all aspiring students and strong parents out there: you need to realise that you don’t just begin to get A’s in a day. You don’t just stumble across them. You lay foundations, one step at a time. But in the end, you will get there – if you are truly determined.

It’s about attending every class, paying 100% total attention for as long as you possibly can, and changing your mentality about school! Success is about studying week to week with no excuses, asking questions each day, and preparing mentally and physically for exams as if it was your last opportunity to produce greatness. It’s about handing in all assessment pieces on time, becoming best friends with your teachers and pursuing the absolute best of your ability in every single thing you do – no matter how big or small.

This is why I love A Team Tuition! We are not just an identity or commercial brand like any other tutoring company – we are an idea, a thought process, a way of life. We create character, motivate students, and represent change and transformation.

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