Tutoring Students With Dyspraxia: The A Team Tuition Methodology

Dyspraxia Tutoring

Tutoring Students Who Have Dyspraxia – The A Team Tuition Methodology

Dyspraxia means that learners are faced with physical disadvantage when it comes to learning tasks due to neurological development. They may have difficulty when it comes to sitting and working in a learning environment and they may also feel a ‘knock on’ effect when it comes to feeling behind other learners within their cohort. This impacts their achievement across a range of subjects studied at both primary and high school levels and can make life very difficult for parents and carers who may become despondent at the journey their child must travel on the road towards academic and social achievement.  

Tutors at A Team Tuition undertake a range of training modules and professional development sessions as well as working closely with parents and schools to develop a positive working relationship with the students that they teach. Specialised and relevant activities and lessons are created so that all students may feel a sense of achievement and work towards self-set goals that they can modify and adapt over time.  

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Often, students who have dyspraxia experience low self-esteem and confidence in aspects to do with their learning and social lives. They may see themselves as ‘apart’ from their peers and this may develop into a fixed mindset when it comes to their learning. The founder of A Team Tuition experienced his own learning difficulties at school and this spurred him on to look towards creating an environment where all students can feel supported and strive to achieve, regardless of learning challenges.  

You can find a tutor near you for students with dyspraxia and employ our services either in the comfort and safety of your own home or via an online learning platform.  

How to tutor a child with dyspraxia

The experienced and professionally developed tutors at A Team Tuition are poised and ready to assist your child with their learning in a positive, nurturing and results-driven physical or digital classroom setting.  

Specific techniques and strategies, including accommodations, employed by A Team Tuition tutors include: 

  • Working on one element or task at a time to avoid overwhelm 
  • Repetition of instructions to operate as a guide towards completion of a task and moving onto the next activity 
  • A ‘to do’ list strategy that enables students to tick off when they reach competency to help them feel more motivated and encouraged 
  • The development of a growth mindset when it comes to learning and achievement  
  • Working to avoid distractions within the learning environment 
  • Use of specific materials that may assist your child with learning difficulties 
  • The use of targeted praise, goal setting and achievement milestones  
  • “Chunking” information and lessons into manageable sections. 

Other common learning difficulties

Kids have unique challenges to learning that they must overcome, whether they are learning barriers or learning difficulties.  Often it is not as simple as overcoming an “I can’t do it” attitude and there are specific methods that will need to be adopted to overcome learning difficulties.   A Team tutors have training in tutoring kids with many common learning challenges including:

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) tutoring

Autism Spectrum Disorder tutoring

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tutoring

Dysgraphia tutoring

Dyslexia tutoring

Exam Anxiety tutoring


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