Tutoring Children with Exam Anxiety – The A Team Tuition Approach

Exam Anxiety Tutoring

How to Tutor a Child with Exam Anxiety – The A Team Tuition Approach

Exam anxiety tutoring can help to alleviate the feelings of stress and overwhelm that threaten to swamp those who suffer from this particular learning challenge. Examinations are an inevitable part of the curriculum, particularly in the secondary senior years of schooling, so unpacking the fears and working with various success strategies can go a long way towards helping your child feel more comfortable, confident and competent.  

Exam Anxiety Tutoring

Tutors at A Team Tuition have undergone significant training and professional development to ensure that they are armed with all the skills and strategies required for success when it comes to tutoring students with exam anxiety. 

We take onboard the concerns and anxiety that your child has when it comes to formalised assessment and work closely with them so that they may have success as they gradually overcome and unpack what it is exactly that is causing them stress.  

The founder of A Team Tuition was diagnosed with a learning difficulty while he was at school, and it was this very experience that spurred him on to create and nurture a system wherein all students can reach their full potential. It is this understanding of barriers and difficulties that is instrumental in the tutoring approach adopted by our tutors.  

A Team Tuition offers support to students and their families Australia wide either in the comfort of your own home or via a digital classroom space.  Find a tutor near you who can help your student suffering from exam anxiety.

Specific Strategies for Combatting Exam Anxiety in a Tutoring Setting

Specific strategies undertaken by our kind, professional and dedicated tutors include (but are not limited to): 

  • Unpacking criteria so students understand exactly what is being asked of them 
  • Working with teachers and schools (as well as families) to be able to understand a broader picture of the barriers to student success 
  • Developing workable study checklists that are manageable and do not overwhelm the student 
  • Working on relaxation and mindfulness strategies 
  • Acknowledging fears, anxieties and stresses to ‘clear’ cognitive space prior to assessment taking place 
  • Undertaking mock examinations in a supportive and nurturing environment 
  • Looking back over prior work to understand what worked and what went ‘wrong’ to come up with plans for the future 
  • Working on creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle and improving the home learning environment to be more conducive to success 

Other common learning difficulties

Kids have unique challenges to learning that they must overcome, whether they are learning barriers or learning difficulties.  Often it is not as simple as overcoming an “I can’t do it” attitude and there are specific methods that will need to be adopted to overcome learning difficulties.   A Team tutors have training in tutoring kids with many common learning challenges including:

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) tutoring

Autism Spectrum Disorder tutoring

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tutoring

Dysgraphia tutoring

Dyslexia tutoring

Dyspraxia tutoring

Contact A Team Tuition today to explore how a tutor might help your child who is experiencing exam anxiety.