10 Reasons to Hire a Private Tutor This Term

You’re about to put a load of your teen’s laundry in the washing machine when you notice a folded piece of paper in the pocket of their jeans. Sure enough, it’s their last report card. The one they said they never received.

And their marks? 

Not exactly what you or your child were hoping for in Chemistry and Maths. Two classes you know you can’t help them excel in the way they want to.

Hiring a tutor is no longer optional–it’s a must-do. But maybe you’re on the fence about hiring one. 

There are countless benefits to hiring a private tutor for your child–beyond just getting their marks back at the A/B level. That’s why we’ve put together the top ten reasons why you’ll want to hire a private tutor this school year. 

1. Your Child Will Get Support for Their Specific Learning Style

Does your teen need charts and other visuals to get their mind around a subject? Are they shy and do everything they can to avoid asking questions or for clarification in class? No matter how skilled their teacher is, they don’t have the bandwidth to accommodate each student’s learning needs. 

A private tutor, on the other hand, can identify your child’s individual learning style. When they do, they’ll tailor their lessons accordingly. 

And, the result? Your teen will be more likely to understand what they’re learning, which can make way for a positive learning experience–and, not to mention, a confidence boost!

2. Tutors Offer One-on-One Attention for Your Child

In a classroom of 30 other students, your child won’t likely experience one-on-one attention from their teacher. Yet that type of individualised attention may be what your child needs to get their grades up again.

One-on-one at-home tutors and online tutoring will give your child the full attention they need to conquer their learning barriers. 

A private tutor can zero in on what your child’s struggling with and then offer extra help in that area. This will make their learning process a lot more efficient, too. No need to spend time on concepts your child already understands. 

3. Expect Higher Grades When You Hire a Private Tutor

They say, “practice makes perfect.” While achieving perfect grades all of the time is unrealistic, you can expect your child to bring home higher grades when you hire a private tutor.

Here’s why! The tutor’s uninterrupted, one-on-one guidance and customised lesson plans will centre around any challenges your child is struggling with, not what an entire classroom of students isn’t grasping.

Consistency is the ticket here. The more consistent, individualised attention the tutor gives your child, the greater likelihood their grades will continue to rise. 

4. Long-Term Academic & Personal Success For Your Child

While your student earning higher marks is a short-term goal, there are several beneficial long-term outcomes of effective tutoring. Here are just some of the long-term benefits your child will reap:

  • Improves self-confidence
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Encourages a positive mindset toward learning
  • Resilience in the face of learning obstacles
  • Reassurance they can overcome learning challenges
  • Improves study habits
  • Encourages and builds intellectual curiosity
  • Promotes independent learning

5. Homework and School Assignments Will Be Done on Time

So many children have full plates when it comes to school work, after-school activities, sports, family obligations, and more. You just know adding one more thing to their diary may just be your tipping point.

A well-trained private tutor can save you time. For instance, instead of giving your child additional lessons or activities to complete on top of their homework–they’ll use the homework assignments themselves to cover challenging concepts. This can also help your child avoid burnout.

6. Private Tutoring is an Investment in Your Child’s Future

With rising prices and the holiday season upon us, you may worry your family can’t afford to hire a private tutor. That’s why it’s important to weigh the cost of tutoring against its many rewards. Hiring a private tutor is investing in your child’s present learning experience and their future.

Even when they’re out of school, they won’t stop learning. An effective tutor can reshape your child’s mindset towards learning. Instead of feeling defeated or not-so-confident, they can begin to hold their head up again and adopt a can-do attitude. That will stay with them for years to come.

7. Private Tutors Can Teach Your Child Time Management Skills 

If you’re like most parents during the school year, you’re running yourself dizzy around the clock. You barely even have 20 minutes to yourself daily.

A private tutor can work around your and your child’s schedule. You get to set the schedule. We’d recommend aiming for the time of day your child does their homework. They have to complete it anyway, and the tutor can help them through it. 

8. Tutors Offer Flexible Tutoring Hours

If the logistics around hiring a tutor seem overwhelming (i.e., finding the right time, location, etc.) remember this—a professional tutor will adjust their schedule to accommodate your and your child’s needs. 

Let’s say half of the household has the seasonal flu. Your uninfected child still needs tutoring, but there’s no way a tutor can meet face-to-face at your home, as normal. Instead, the tutor can schedule a session online for that week. Or, if you know your child learns best in person, they may be able to go to the tutor’s home or the tutoring agency.

9. A Tutor Will Adapt to Your Child’s Pace

Learning takes time. Every child learns differently and at their own pace. An effective tutor will acknowledge your child’s pace and work with them, step-by-step until they naturally reach their own conclusions. 

This will take the pressure off them to learn a concept quickly (or at the same speed as their classmates) and ultimately strengthen their critical thinking skills.

10. Your Child Will Build-Up Their Intellectual Curiosity

When your child is struggling in a subject, it can bring down their morale and confidence. The longer they feel this way, the more likely it can negatively impact their mindset toward learning and overcoming challenges.

An expert tutor will devote their undivided attention to equipping your child with the tools to leap over their learning barriers. As a result, this can hone your child’s problem-solving skills and fortify their intellectual curiosity.

The improvement in confidence and self-assurance that will follow will stick with them not only through their school years but also later in life.

Let a Private Tutor Guide Your Child Toward Academic Success!

A private tutor can work with your child to help them achieve higher marks at their own pace and on a schedule that works for your family. Not only will your child’s grades improve, but so will their confidence and intellectual curiosity. Those are two-must haves outside of school, too!

Are you ready to hire a private tutor to guide your child toward academic success? A Team Tuition is here to help. Our tried-and-true tutoring methods and at-home and online tutoring availability can help your child excel in their studies. Find a tutor near you today!