What’s the ATAR for Law in Canberra and NSW?

ATAR for Law Canberra

What ATAR is Needed for Law in Canberra and New South Wales? 

Across Australia, law school is one of the most challenging post-secondary degree programs to gain admission to. Students hoping to study law in Canberra and New South Wales can expect to need an ATAR at the top end of the scale to get into the majority of universities in these regions. With some of these schools requiring a minimum ATAR in the high 90s, even high achieving students may need to enlist the help of an expert to ensure they reach their goals. A Team Tuition can create a customized tutoring program to help your student achieve the grades they need to get into the law school of their dreams.  


If your child has their sights set on a career in law but is concerned about the high ATAR score needed to get into the program of their choice, our highly experienced team can help.


What is the minimum ATAR for law in the ACT and NSW?

In both the Australian Capital Territory and in New South Wales, law school hopefuls have a plethora of courses to choose from. Although there are a few stand-alone undergrad law degrees, most of the programs offered are dual degree programs. This means that students can study law in combination with another field of study and graduate with a dual degree.  

Both the ATAR for law in Canberra and the ATAR for law in New South Wales are quite high so students will need to work extremely hard during their final high school years to achieve the grades they need to get into the program of their choice. Although there are a few schools only requiring ATARs in the 70s and 80s, the ATAR for law at most of the universities in this region falls in the mid-high 90s. If your high school student is set on getting into one of these programs but needs a little extra help to ensure they meet their goals, A Team Tuition’s professional tutors in Sydney and Canberra are here to help. 

ATAR for Law Canberra

University of Canberra 

The ATAR for Law Canberra undergrad degrees require is not as high as it is at some of the schools in neighbouring New South Wales. However, with a minimum selection rank of 85 needed for acceptance in the current year, students will still have to aim high. The University of Canberra offers a 4 year stand-alone Bachelor of Laws degree program as well as the following 5-year dual degree options: 

ATAR for Law New South Wales

The required ATAR for Law in New South Wales ranges greatly, with entry requirements for Australian Catholic University being the lowest. While most undergrad law degrees in New South Wales require a minimum ATAR in the 90s, the good news is that there is a huge variety of courses to choose from. While New South Wales does offer a few single degree law courses, most of them are 5-year, dual degree courses.  

Australian Catholic University  

ACU offers a 4-year stand-alone Bachelor of Laws degree requiring a minimum ATAR of 73. It also offers the following 5-year dual degree courses: 

Charles Sturt University  

Charles Sturt University also offers a single degree Bachelor of Laws course. This 3-year program requires a selection rank (ATAR plus adjustments) of 80. This school also offers one combined degree – a 5-year Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree which also requires a minimum selection rank of 80. 

Macquarie University  

The ATAR for Law at Macquarie really jumps up compared with the previously mentioned schools. Students will have to be at the top of their game if they hope to gain admittance into the following law degree programs at this school:  

University of New England 

At the University of New England, the ATAR for Law is higher for its 3-year single Bachelor of Laws degree than it is for the school’s 5-year dual degree study options (noted below). 

University of New South Wales 

The University of New South Wales offers a whopping range of double law degree programs but does not offer a Bachelor of Laws undergrad degree on its own. All of the dual law degree courses offered require a minimum ATAR for Law of 88.15 and are 5 years in length. 

University of Newcastle 

The minimum ATAR for Law for most of the dual degree law programs offered through the University of Newcastle is 92 with the exception of the Bachelor of Development Studies/ Laws combination which has a minimum ATAR of 85. 

University of Sydney 

The University of Sydney has the highest ATAR for Law in New South Wales at 99.5 for guaranteed entry into all of their double law degree programs. Luckily, A Team Tuition’s ATAR Excellence program has been precisely designed to help students get into these types of highly selective courses.  

University of Technology Sydney 

The University of Technology Sydney also offers students a wide range of undergrad law degrees in addition to their standard Bachelor of Laws program. With all of the ATAR for Law requirements falling in the 96-97 range, students will need to achieve very high marks to gain acceptance into this school.  

University of Wollongong 

The University of Wollongong requires a minimum ATAR of 90 for all of its undergrad law programs. Their stand-alone Bachelor of Laws program is 4 years full time, while all of their dual degree programs will require 5 years to complete.  

Western Sydney University 

Western Sydney University’s undergraduate law degrees are only offered as part of a double degree program and all require a minimum ATAR of 95.  

Can you study Law without an ATAR?

Most universities will offer special admission schemes, bridging courses or credit for previous post-secondary studies or on the job experience. Many schools also offer adjustments to the minimum ATAR for students who have faced financial or medical hardships. Check with the admissions department at the specific school that your child is interested in to see what options are available. 

How can I achieve the minimum ATAR for Law in Canberra and NSW?

With such high admission requirements for law school, students will have to remain motivated and focused to be able to stay on course throughout high school in order to achieve their highest ATAR score possible. If your child needs help gaining confidence and motivation, or requires specific support in one of the their ATAR subjects, A Team Tuition can create a customised program  to help your child be well on their way to getting into their first-choice school. 

Tips for achieving the ATAR for Law Canberra and NSW require

As a starting point, students should review what specific high school courses are required as prerequisites for the exact course that they wish to enrol in to be sure that they can fit them into their year 11 and 12 class schedules. Although the exact ATAR for Law varies from year to year and school to school, students should do their research well in advance to understand what the recent admission trends have been for the schools that they’re interested in. (To understand how the ATAR is calculated, see our beginner’s guide to understanding ATAR.)   

As minimum ATAR scores for each program fluctuate depending on the number of students applying, it’s impossible to know well in advance what the exact minimum will be at the time of applying. Therefore, students need to achieve their highest ATAR possible – and not be afraid to enlist the help of A Team Tuition’s professional tutors to ensure they achieve the necessary competitive edge required to get into the law school of their choice.