High School Tutors

High School Tutors

We believe every child should reach their full potential.  Our high school tutors provide more than just tuition.  Our Secondary School Transformation Program which includes QCE, HSC, VCE, SACE, WACE, ACTC, ATAR & IB, is designed to provide your child with the secrets of the elusive A-student and set them up for success at school and life after school.

Our Unique Approach to High School Tutoring

It is a proven 3 step formula to success for High School students. Whether your child is currently preparing for year twelve exams or their school assessments, this program is designed to teach them the same secrets and strategies that are utilised by Australia’s brightest academic minds.

Tried a private tutor before? Even if your child has failed to reach their potential in the past, our secondary school tutors could transform them into an A student.

The 3 Step Transformation Process is

Develop your child’s individual action plan for success

Every Student Needs a Hero
And We Aim To Be Just That!

What To Expect During The Process

  • Improved Motivation Towards School

  • Improved Confidence and Self Image

  • Improved Study Habits and Strategy

  • Improved Grades

  • Improved Problem Solving Ability

  • Improved Time Management

  • Improved Goal Setting and Self Analysis

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

  • Reduced Confusion Towards School

  • Improved Exam and Assignment Results

  • Improved Student-Teacher Relationships


In 2021, across 2,500 students we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement. Meaning that on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


95% of our students have a significant increase in


86% of our students have a significant increase in

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