Your High School Study Plan is Missing THIS

At A Team Tuition, we’ve thrown out the traditional idea of a school study plan and created our own – and it’s all about balance! What your high school study plan is missing are achievable goals based on the individual needs of the student, a focus on health and well-being, and time put aside for recreation. With A Team Tuition’s STAR program, the specific needs and goals of our students are taken into account, and the resulting plans are uniquely designed for that student. Read on to find out more about A Team Tuition’s innovative high school study plan, and how this can benefit your child! 

High School Study Plan

Achieving your goals

A Team Tuition doesn’t just print out a study planning template and expect your child to stick to it – we delve into all aspects of your child’s life to help come up with a comprehensive set of study strategies your child can apply at any time of their life. One of the biggest mistakes students can make is to go too hard too fast with their goals. If the goals are not achievable, it only demotivates your child and makes them less likely to try next time. Creating smaller, more manageable goals is key to helping students succeed. Setting these sorts of goals will not only make it easier to visualise what they want to achieve, it’ll help make it that much easier to achieve them. A Team Tuition helps your child achieve these goals.  

Happy body, happy mind

Not a lot of study plans even bother mentioning good nutrition and exercise. At A Team Tuition, we know how important this is. Kids need to be drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of nutritious, healthy meals, and spending time outside in the sunshine, getting some exercise and fresh air. Laying off the chips, coke, and chocolate chip biscuits before exams might be hard, but it’s worth it! Without this, it’s impossible for them to concentrate properly on achieving their goals. And given that teenagers are still growing, it’s doubly important. Developing these healthy habits now will ensure they stick with them throughout their life – which can only mean good things! 


A Team Tuition works with kids every day, and so we know that these kinds of strategies are only going to work if the student has free time to spend however they wish – on their hobbies, on hanging out with friends, or even just relaxing at home. Whatever way they want to spend it, downtime is crucial to their well-being, and can even work as a motivating factor. Teenagers won’t be fulfilling their potential without the opportunity to see their friends or even just taking a day off to relax, and it’s unrealistic to expect otherwise. Plus, it’s not at all healthy! 

The STAR program – how we achieve all of this!

A Team Tuition has developed the STAR program together with tutors, teachers, and other professionals after years of research and experience. STAR stands for Secrets To Academics Revealed, and involves nine strategies that target specific areas that can help turn a C student into an A student – and these strategies will stick with them for life! These nine areas include: 

  • Mindset of an A Student 

Students learn to find a balance between study and other aspects of their life that are just as important, such as hobbies, relaxing with family, and days where they just get to be a kid. This is incredibly important for their overall well-being, and will be reflected in their results. 

  • Creating a base 

Students learn about the roles their teachers, parents, and tutors play as their support network. If they have any issues, whether they’re about study or not, having a strong support network is crucial. 

  • How we learn 

Students discover which style of learning (visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic) suits them best. This makes it so much easier when it comes to designing tutoring sessions. 

  • Managing stress, burnout, and failure 

Students learn how to deal with stress and failure, and how to recognise signs of burning out. Even adults have trouble with this, so learning these skills could be life-changing. 

  • Goal-setting 

Students learn about setting realistic goals, and how to go about achieving them. 

  • Time Management 

Students learn how to create effective time management strategies, including learning different ways to manage their time and how to prioritise tasks. This is also a life-long skill that will become more important as they age.  

  • Study Strategy 

Students discover A Team Tuition’s study pyramid which showcases what’s required to achieve top results in any subject. Students learn the importance of mastering the content of a course and how to apply that knowledge to their assessment. Learning these study strategies will help them put their best foot forward at university as well. 

  • Assignment Strategy 

Students learn about how to go about using the content of their courses to complete their assignments. This includes reading comprehension of assessment tasks, writing styles, and how to reference.  

  • Exam Preparation 

This can make or break your child when it comes to getting top marks, so learning about the variety of exam strategies that exist and finding the ones that work best for your child are key. This will also help them feel more prepared, and help reduce their stress. 

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