Why A Team Tuition is giving a $5000 Scholarship
to a Miami SHS Student

This year, the team at A Team Tuition wanted to try something bold.

To provide some background, my name is Hayden McEvoy and I am the founder and owner of A Team Tuition - a Gold Coast tutoring company that has 56 tutors and over 1200 students. Our mission is to revolutionise the current education and tutoring system by teaching all students the secrets of an A student, so that everyone has equal opportunity to succeed.

In 2017, we have decided to partner with Miami State High School and select a student who has all the makings to become an A student, but may not have had the opportunity to succeed at school. Through our Creating A Students Program, we are going to transform them into an elite student with the capability to achieve A grades.

In partnership with Miami SHS, A Team Tuition will be running a competition giving students the opportunity to apply for a $5000 tutoring transformation scholarship. A Team Tuition will tutor and personally mentor the student through 2017, providing every possible opportunity for them to become an A level student.

Our mission from this opportunity is to prove that any student, from any background, can achieve A grades with the right opportunities, support and strategy.

After working with over 1200 students, I have personally witnessed many of these transformations through the years, with 53% of our students achieving A’s. Some of our best stories are evident in our Hall of Fame.

The ‘A’ Plan

To create a leading student, we must start by understanding what exactly makes an elite student.

According to studies conducted by Duckworth and Psychol, it was found that grit was more determinative in predicting students results than IQ. We have witnessed this multiple times through interviewing our student duxes and OP1 achievers, all which showed great resilience.

A good example of this is the interview we conducted with our Student of 2013, Shania Dolan.

Grit is where it begins, which is why we are searching for a student who is hungry to become a premier academic. We are on the search for talent, someone who is willing to work with us and go the distance despite having experienced obstacles impacting their education.

After years of personal experience and research, as well as trial and error, I have concluded that, quite simply, results occur once all factors surrounding the student have been addressed.

School is much like an elite sport; in fact, it is the most competitive sport in the entire world. To succeed in academia, the following factors need to be managed and addressed individually for each student athlete:

  • Grit or Resilience
  • The student’s attitude and internal locus of control
  • The students’ parents and external influences through friends and family
  • The quality of the student’s relationship with their teacher 
  • The quality of exercise and nutrition the student equips
  • The study and assignment strategies the student equips
  • The learning strategies and insight the student has into their own learning process
  • The ability to independently apply to knowledge through answering questions and solving 
  • The overexposure and external environment that surrounds the students learning
  • The creative ability of the students

All these factors play a vital role in ultimately giving the student a platform to implement successful strategy and attain success.

Unfortunately, these are all variables that are often completely overlooked within the Australian education system. Think back to when you were at school: did anyone ever teach you how to successfully learn or study?

The education system is designed so that this responsibility is placed on the student, who ultimately is too young at this stage to understand and discover their learning style alone and thus their parents are their only hope.

This is where tutors at A Team Tuition come in. I regard my tutors as the coaches of the most competitive and exciting sport in the world! Instead of utilising skeletal muscle to compete, we are simply exercising the neural cells within our brain.

All the same concepts apply; with purposely designed practice, quality mentoring and coaching, any student can be trained to compete in the education game and come out a gold medalist.

Fortunately for many of our students, we are the only coaches around town. It becomes easy for them to dominate as the competition is unaware that they are even competing!

By mentoring each student and setting the support network up for success, we consistently see results time and time again, as these are the absolute key ingredients that are needed for a student to excel. This applies in any educational environment, whether that be at school, university, relationships, in their careers and the real world.

I am personally excited for this opportunity we’re providing for the lucky competition winner, and will personally be working with the student alongside my brother Cameron McEvoy, an Olympic medalist in swimming and OP1 equivalent student.

As well as myself and Cam, we will be surrounded by a team of OP1 tutors and the psychological strategy and guidance of an academic performance psychologist, all of whom will work with the student in developing confidence and the right attitude.

With the entire team behind the one student athlete, I am personally excited to see what we can achieve.

Hayden McEvoy
: Founder and CEO