Does My Child Need a Private Tutor?

Should I hire a private tutor near me for my child? Would this help to improve their grades?

If your child is struggling at school, their best bet is a private tutor – and there are a number available near you! A private, at home tutor could make all the difference to your child’s academic results. They’ll receive private, one on one time with a tutor who encourages and motivates them in the comfort of your own home. A good tutor works with your student to enhance their natural abilities and work at their own pace. But how do you know if your child actually needs a private tutor? What are the benefits of hiring a private tutor versus going to a centre with other students or working through online sessions? Read on to find out more about why hiring a private tutor is the best thing for your child – and where one might be available near you!

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What are some of the signs your child might be struggling with school?

There are a number of signs your child might exhibit that show they’re struggling in school. 

  • They refuse to talk to you about school. They might exhibit dishonesty, evasiveness or overconfidence, which are all signs that your child might be struggling in school. If you ask them how their day at school was and they respond bluntly, or become defensive, this might be a sign that they’re struggling academically. They might also show overconfidence in their abilities so that they don’t disappoint or upset you.
  • They might have a huge attitude change when it comes to school. You might find them acting differently about school, becoming distant, angry, or even displaying reluctance to go. They might also feel bored, which might mean they don’t understand the material they’re being taught.
  • Your child might have trouble with their eating or sleeping habits, which may be a sign of worry or anxiety.
  • They might spend an excessive amount of time on their homework. This depends on their teacher’s policy when it comes to homework – some teachers expect more time to be spent on it than others. A rough guideline to follow is that your child should spend ten minutes per grade level on their homework each evening.
  • They begin misbehaving at school. This could be a sort of smokescreen your child feels will take the attention away from their poor academic performance. They could also be frustrated with their lack of progress.
  • Their teacher expresses concern with their progress at school. This might be obvious, but sometimes it might be difficult to hear.
  • Their grades dramatically decline. This is also really obvious, but one or two low grades aren’t cause for concern. If your child has developed a pattern or even a full report card full of low marks, this is a sign something might be going on at school.

What are the benefits of one-on-one tutoring?

One-on-one tutoring is an excellent way of helping your child regain their confidence in the classroom and improve their performance overall. A private one-on-one tutor can:

  • Offer a unique learning experience that encourages your child to learn at their own pace
  • Assess your child’s abilities and consolidate their learning or extend their academic performance in certain areas
  • Improve your child’s study habits within their particular learning situation
  • Improves your child’s self-confidence and attitude towards their school work. Their tutor’s guidance can be hugely motivating and can bring out your child’s best academic work.
  • Provide their full attention to your child, and tailor their sessions to the child’s needs. At school, a teacher often has more than twenty students, with varying levels of academic ability, and so it is incredibly difficult to adjust lessons based on each child’s individual needs. A tutor is personalised attention!

What are the benefits of tutoring at home in your child’s own space?

Working in your home, in your child’s own space, provides a level of comfort and familiarity that helps to relax your child, and create a safe space to learn. Gone are the distractions of other children and the other background noises common in the classroom – at home, there is just your child, their tutor, and a dedicated learning space. Working from home is especially helpful if your child is introverted or shy – they’ll feel so much more at home when they’re, well, at home!

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What are the benefits of choosing a highly-trained local tutor?

A private, highly trained local tutor is the best option for your child because they have the necessary training, skills, and ability to provide the best academic support. Their training allows them to tailor their tutoring sessions to suit your child’s ability. They’re able to gauge your child’s knowledge and natural ability, as well as any gaps in their knowledge. They can change the perspective of the lessons they offer, to present the material in various ways that best suit your child. This way, your child will have their ‘eureka’ moment, and everything will start to click! Plus, the more local, the better. A local tutor likely knows the education system and the curriculum, and this can help the tutor to tailor their sessions. 

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