Qualified Tutor Recruitment and Training: What Parents Need to Know

Why We Are The Highest Performing Tutoring Company In Australia

A Team Tuition have a rigorous procedure designed to find and hire only the very best in qualified tutors. Parents just like you expect excellence – and that’s what we deliver.

Our involved process in the hiring and training of tutors means that we hand-pick only the top tier of available qualified tutors so that they can appropriately work with your children to help steer them towards success.

What is the tutor recruitment process like?

Tutors come armed with knowledge from their own school and university subjects. They work between 10 to 30 hours a week and students are booked around their availability. Tutors work closely with A Team Tuition to ensure that the lessons and content they are delivering is in line with national standards and will create engagement across a broad spectrum of learners.

A Team Tuition tutors go through an intense screening process to ensure they are the appropriate choice to work closely with Australian students. The application process is involved in order to hand-pick the best tutors to work with our most precious resource – your children.

First Class Professionalism

Tutors must have their Blue Card (working with children check) prior to their commencement. They receive in-depth training and undertake a weekly coaching system to ensure that these qualified tutors are of the highest calibre.

They learn how to invigorate their lessons, adapt their tuition to what your child is learning in the classroom, and they invest great time and energy into figuring out how best to communicate with your child.

Your child's safety, wellbeing, and success is at the core of everything we do.

What Will My Child Learn?

Subject content is just the start. Your child will learn…

  • Resilience
  • To lift their work to an A standard
  • Goal setting and self-analysis
  • To work independently
  • How to make the most of their time in the classroom
  • Exam and assignment preparation skills

And that’s just the beginning!

87% of A Team Tuition students achieve A and B grades. Is your child next?

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