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Our Metacognitive Training Course for Students

The Strategies to Accelerate Results (STAR) was created to be a powerful resource for your child to uncover lifelong skills that will not only help them get A’s, but adopt the behaviour and mindset for lifelong success. We believe that through mindset, strategy, and support, any student can become an A - standard student.

The STAR Training Course has been designed by tutors, teachers and other professionals, and is a result of years of research and experience of what strategies actually work. The program is designed to work with your child to ensure that they understand exactly what they need to do to be successful. It is both theoretical and practical, and allows students to learn the skills of an A - student while completing their own class work throughout the term.

The STAR contains a set of nine strategy modules that targets a specific facet of what creates an A Student, and more importantly an A-standard human being.

  1. Mindset of an A Student

    In this module, your child will learn how to adopt a growth mindset, which is nurtured and maintained by having balance in their life. This module will teach your child how to find balance between study and extracurricular activities, how to keep a positive outlook, and how to monitor their study life balance.

  2. Creating the Base

    This module emphasises to your child that you and their support network play a major role in their academic success. It teaches your child the roles of their teacher, parent and tutor along with how to maintain those positive relationships.

  3. How We Learn

    We recognise that students learn in different ways and in order to best teach them, they should be aware of their learning language and how it affects their learning. This module teaches your child about all the learning languages, which fits them best, and different learning strategies that are best for them based on their learning style whether that be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

  4. Managing Stress, Burnout, and Failure

    By teaching your child how these things manifest, we can teach them to implement strategies to deal with these experiences. This module teaches your child how to deal with stress and burnout, along with the lessons that can be learnt from failing.

  5. Goal Setting 

    In order for your child to be successful they need to set realistic, specific and measurable goals. This module teaches your child how to set realistic goals and accountability. This module also covers setting up your child's ABCD Plan. 

  6. Time Management

    These skills allow your child to design effective time management strategies that will allow your child to achieve their goals. This module teaches your child different approaches to managing their time and prioritising. 

  7. Study Strategy 

    In this module, your child will learn about the world's first study pyramid that teaches them what is required to achieve an A grade in any school subject. The module stresses the importance of learning engagement, mastering content and how to apply that knowledge. This module also covers setting up your child's neurospace so they can best learn. 

  8. Assignment Strategy

    While your child is completing assignments, there is a strategy that can be used to successfully complete an assignment to an A standard. This module teaches your child how to grasp the assignment process and apply it to any subject. This module also teaches writing style and components such as referencing.

  9. Exam Preparation

    In order for your child to best prepare for exams there are a variety of exam strategies that can be used. This module teaches those strategies that focus on both effort and application which allows your child to feel prepared for their exams.