Thanks for sharing your child's challenges with us.  It looks like your child could benefit from extra help to achieve the ATAR they need.

A member of our team will call you soon to discuss the best way to improve those grades and secure a place in their preferred course. Our custom study strategies help students to master the curriculum, but they do so much more.

  • Upgrade their time management skills so they can keep up with all their extra-curricular activities
  • Adjust their mindset and clear those “I can’t” roadblocks to learning
  • Communicate better with teachers, and assist them with communications
  • Help them get excited about assignments and to approach exam preparation enthusiastically
  • Understand those “little things” teachers are looking for that will bump their grades in no time
  • Think critically about the curriculum and develop their own ideas – this ignites a passion for learning
  • Feel 100% supported, knowing there’s a whole team built around their success

You only have a short time to prepare your child for their dream future

Can you, and your child commit to a semester of transformative study habits?  The skills our tutors teach their students last a lifetime.
It’s not just about getting the ATAR they want, it’s about setting them up to succeed at university through smarter, better study strategies.

Our team will be in touch shortly, to help you give your child one last push towards a brighter future.

Follow in the footsteps of Tiahna, Paige, Esther, Ceclia, Sarive, Naia, Afiyah, Grace and so many more – they were kids just like yours!