Australian Boarding Schools Tutors – Information For Parents

There are two calls every parent of a boarder expect and dread.  The first is the teary “I miss you” call (usually early in the semester) and the second is the call from the housemaster reporting some kind of tomfoolery.  It’s almost a rite of passage for parents of boarding school students.  It can leave parents feeling guilt and concern.  You’ve chosen one of Australia’s boarding schools because they offer world-class education.  Children flock to your school from across Australia and the world.  You’re giving your child the best possible educational experience.  They’re just asking for a little extra help to get on track. That’s where A Team Tuition boarding school tutors can change everything.

“We Believe That Any Student, Anywhere Can Achieve “A” Grades With The Right Support, Strategies and Mindset”

Our team of specially recruited and extensively trained boarding school tutors doesn’t just help your child improve grades.  Our program is developed in consultation with academics, coaches, and child psychologists to help your child overcome the emotional challenges of boarding school life while reaching new academic heights.

Why we’re the preferred tutoring service for the Australian Boarding Schools Association

For over a decade, we’ve been proving that simple tutoring isn’t enough to create elite academic performance.  For boarding school students, the additional emotional and mindset challenges can impact not only their wellbeing but their futures.  We are the only Australian tutoring firm implementing an “emotional wellbeing” approach to academia.  And it works.  87% of our students go from C/D grades to A/B grades, often within a single semester. We work closely with ABSA to ensure we exceed their expectations in supporting boarding schools, parents and most importantly, kids.

We “get” your challenges

All of our tutoring programs have been developed in conjunction with educators, coaches and child psychologists.  That’s why we can help students overcome the additional psychological barriers to learning, that absence from family can create.

Whether the child is “embracing parent-free freedom” at the cost of their grades, or missing home too much to focus, our team is carefully trained to identify psychological barriers and overcome them.

We then roll out a study strategy for your child that includes time spent on attitude, mindset and emotional wellbeing.

Constant Communication, Constant Support

One of the fundamental principles of our approach to tutoring is the “child’s support network”.  Your child needs the support and influence of the school, teachers, peers, parents and tutors to thrive.  In a boarding house, this means additional support from tutors to support the parent’s key roles:

  • Overseeing homework and study at home
  • Acting as a cheerleader
  • Providing positive influence
  • Providing mentoring
  • Assisting in navigating social and emotional situations

We liaise with your child’s support network to ensure there are no gaps and provide feedback and communication with the whole network – so your child’s educational needs are seamlessly met.

Boarding School Tutors for ALL Students in Australia

Our tutors visit students in house across Australian boarding schools and provide online tutoring to boarders across Australia.    There are two ways to engage A Team Tuition to assist your boarder.

Work directly with A Team Tuition

We provide a direct service to parents on campus in South East Queensland and Sydney boarding schools or online across the rest of Australia.  You must speak to your school about our tutors visiting campus.  (Note that all our tutors are fully insured, blue carded and trained in child safety as well as COVID-19 best practices).

Talk to your boarding school

As the exclusive supplier of tutors through the Australian Boarding Schools Association, we partner directly with schools to manage their Boarder Prep sessions.  These two-hour sessions are designed to give students time to do study and exam preparation.  Our tutors attend these sessions and offer both one on one customised help, and group assistance where needed.

Tutoring for International Boarders

Is your child coming to Australia to study?  Our boarding school tutors can provide full support for the international baccalaureate program as well as intermediate and advanced English to assist your student to catch up with their Australian peers.  We understand that international boarders face unique challenges, so our boarding school tutors will assist your child to settle in and get right to work!  Call our team on  +617 5526 0351 to discuss your child’s needs.


Not sure which service suits your child best?

Talk to us now.  We’ll help your child to thrive.