International Baccalaureate (IB) Tutoring

International Baccalaureate (IB) Tutoring

Every child is capable of reaching their potential with the right mindset, strategies and support. That’s where our experienced IB tutors really shine.

With the International Baccalaureate education program growing in popularity as an alternative to the QCE, HSC or VCE, a growing number of IB students require specialised IB tutoring. Our IB tutors offer more than just a tuition service – like IB itself, our tutors allow students to hone in on their areas of strength while developing and improving on areas of weakness. These tutoring services are tailored to suit the needs of your child – whether in a one-on-one, at home setting or through online sessions.

Bring Out Your Child’s Best with a Qualified IB Tutor

The IB educational program results in high academic achievers, and our IB tutors recognise that IB is dramatically different to the QCE, VCE or HSC programs. It is designed to teach IB students the necessary skills and strategies they require to achieve all their goals in the program. Your child will have the support of an experienced tutor who knows the IB education system and is experienced in tutoring IB program students, no matter their strengths or weaknesses.

Private IB Tutoring is available across Australian online, or in-person in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Townsville, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. We offer IB Tutoring for primary school, middle and senior school across all International Baccalaureate subjects.

Partnership with IB Schools

As part of our commitment to our partner schools, we work with International Baccalaureate schools to help all students gain their certification.  Our partners get the help they need to ensure your whole student body has the ability to meet the demands of the IB program.  We understand your job is to deliver a world-class education.  We understand how to be your partner in achieving that.  Our partnership tutoring programs are designed specifically for your school's needs and are in place in many of Australia's elite private and boarding schools already.   Talk to us about how we can help your students now.

Our Proven 3-step Process

In our proven 3-step formula, our IB tutoring program continues to encourage your child to take a vested interest in their own learning.

Develop an individualised IB tutoring plan to help your child navigate the International Baccalaureate educational system.


In 2021, across 2,500 students we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement. Meaning that on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


95% of our students have a significant increase in


86% of our students have a significant increase in

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