Live Online Tutoring: READ THIS Before You Choose Your Tutor!

Is online tutoring the right fit for your child?

Throughout the past few years, online tutoring has soared in popularity – both for the convenience and for the public health aspect. But there are so many options out there – how do you know which kind of online tutoring is best for your child? How do you know which methods will be the most effective?  

Here at A Team Tuition, our tutors can work seamlessly between in-person tutoring sessions and live online sessions, and we design our sessions based on the needs of your child. Each session is one-on-one and with the same tutor, so your child and their tutor develop a strong working relationship that will boost their confidence and their academic achievements. Book your child’s online tutoring session with A Team Tuition today – the results will speak for themselves.  

What is online tutoring and how does it work?

Not all online tutoring is the same. We’ll walk you through the various models available and how they can impact the results your child gets. 

‘Live’ online tutoring which is pre-recorded

This type of ‘live’ online tutoring isn’t actually live, but rather a generic pre-recorded session based on the Australian curriculum and the state’s teaching guidelines. These sessions are posted according to a child’s year level at school and are often followed with a quick question and answer type session afterwards with the tutor if the students have any questions. There are a number of issues with these types of sessions, the biggest of which is that they aren’t tailored to your child’s specific needs. What they’re struggling with might not even appear in the session. This means they’ve wasted precious time that could have been focused on a specific area of concern. These tutors can also change weekly, so they don’t get to know your child, and they won’t get to the heart of why your child may be struggling at school. This type of tutoring is a ‘one size fits all’ style which just doesn’t work.  

The A Team Tuition difference

At A Team Tuition, our sessions are never pre-recorded. We match the best possible tutor to your child’s educational needs, and they provide interactive tutoring sessions on a weekly basis. Each session is custom designed to reflect the issues your child may be having, and to help rectify those issues. Our tutors work in one-hour sessions over a period of time, developing a relationship with your child that will help them overcome any problems they’ve been experiencing in school, and help fill any gaps in their knowledge.  

‘Live’ online tutoring with multiple students

This type of tutoring involves a tutor conducting a session with multiple students in the same grade. This is problematic because there isn’t much room for customisation. With more students, the tutor’s time is divided between each of them, which means that each child won’t receive the kind of specialised attention they require. One child might be more outgoing than others and feel more comfortable asking questions, while your child sits in the background. Essentially, you pay to have your child sit back and watch someone else get help, while your child goes wanting.  

The A Team Tuition difference

At A Team Tuition, we assign a dedicated tutor to work one on one with your child. There won’t be any other children in the sessions to make your child feel awkward or uncomfortable asking questions – just a highly trained tutor who will make them feel at ease. Your child will receive all the necessary attention and time they require to help them become the high achieving students they want to be.  

Online Tutoring

‘Live’ online tutoring with a freelance tutor or a database of tutors

You may have seen freelance tutors on Facebook, or even Googled ‘tutors near me.’ Going this route can often result in a lack of choice when it comes to tutors, as you’ll be allocated one from a database of freelancers. If they don’t work out, any enthusiasm your child may have had for tutoring will be long gone. You have no control over the quality of the tutoring sessions, and often the tutors have no supervisors to ensure their work is of a high standard. This wastes both your child’s time and your money. 

The A Team Tuition difference

A Team Tuition’s tutors are chosen to best suit the child they will be tutoring. We will work with parents and teachers, as well as our students, to develop a perfect learning environment to suit your child. Our tutors will include your child in the planning sessions, making your child feel more in control of their education and helping them to develop confidence in their abilities. The sessions are collaborative, meaning that you, your child, and their teacher can all have input in the way the sessions are designed.  

Live online drop-in tutoring

Drop-in online tutoring involves students dropping in on an online class for tutoring in one of many subjects being tutored. So, the tutor changes depending on the subject, and once again, there are many students in the one online class.  

The A Team Tuition difference

At A Team Tuition, your child is assigned one tutor who is highly trained in any subject they may be having troubles with. One tutor looks after all the academic needs of your child so that their progress is effectively monitored, and any necessary amendments can be made to their tutoring plan. Your child’s tutor may be tutoring other students, but their sessions are always one on one, and their sessions are always tailored specifically to the educational needs of your child.  

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