How to Find a Tutor Online and NOT be Disappointed! 

The Covid climate has raised many learning challenges for students: the uncertainty of when the next lockdown will be; understanding the nuances of a lesson when the teacher is mandated to wear a mask; learning from home when self-guided learning is not your child’s ‘thing,’ or you, as their parent or guardian, are juggling working from home with trying to follow your child’s curriculum.  

There is no wonder many students and their parents feel they are falling behind in their learning and dropping grades. Online tutors can be a godsend, but how do you find a tutor online and not be disappointed? 

Find a Tutor Online


Why find an online tutor?

In a shifting-sands environment where lockdowns and travel restrictions can be announced in an instant, an online tutor is always conveniently available. Lessons don’t have to be cancelled when access is as simple as logging on. 

An online tutor carries no risk of contact, sits as close as your computer screen, and doesn’t have to wear a mask, so they can be clearly understood. And when you find an online tutor, if you live in a remote area or are self-isolating, the learning doesn’t have to stop! 

How to find a tutor online

It’s all about finding the perfect tutor for your child. A Team Tuition asks the right questions to carefully match your child with a tutor or tutors that will understand them, share common interests, and be able to make a connection to ensure engagement and learning.  

The online tutors at A Team Tuition have a holistic approach to teaching, helping your child develop good learning habits with the right mindset, strategies and support. They are more than just tutors, they’re Academic Personal Trainers! 

At A Team Tuition, there’s a whole support team ensuring the best outcomes for your child. Tutors are mentored and the team will also check in with your child to cheer on their successes and guide them through any struggles.  

In brief, the right tutor for your child; 

  • Makes a connection 
  • Understands their goals 
  • Understands their learning style 
  • Offers a holistic approach to learning (mindset, strategies and support) 
  • Is a high performer and positive mentor 
  • Has the backing of a team to ensure the best learning outcomes 
  • CARES about your child’s success 


Ready to find a tutor online? It all starts with a phone call to A Team Tuition.