What’s the ATAR for Teaching in Canberra?

ATAR for Teaching Canberra

What ATAR is Needed for Teaching in Canberra?

For students looking for a rewarding career inspiring and educating others, teaching can offer an opportunity to help shape the future and make a lasting impression on young minds. However, before students can embark on an education career, they must first understand what ATAR for teaching is needed in order to gain admittance into the school of their choice. Luckily, students hoping to study in the Australian Capital Territory will have a range of schools to choose from as Canberra offers a number of Bachelor of Education degree programs  

What is the ATAR for Teaching in Canberra?

Although there are a limited number of universities in Canberra, there are quite a few Bachelor of Education programs for students to choose from. Whether students wish to focus on early childhood, primary or secondary education, they all have similar ATAR entrance requirements. Although the stated ATAR for most programs is around 60, entrance requirements can vary from year to year depending on how many students apply. While an ATAR in this range may seem achievable, if your child is set on a particular university or program, it’s best that they aim above this minimum benchmark to have their very best chance of getting into their first-choice school.  


Are you concerned that your child won’t be able to achieve the ATAR for teaching Canberra universities require?  We can help.  


What is the ATAR for teaching at Canberra universities?

 Australian Catholic University 

With the exception of Educational Studies, all of the Bachelor of Education degree programs offered at ACU are 4-year courses and require an ATAR of 60.  

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) 

  • This course prepares students to teach early childhood and/or primary school-aged students 

Bachelor of Education (Primary and Secondary) 

  • With this degree, students will have a multitude of career options as they will graduate being able to teach across all grade levels. 

Bachelor of Education (Primary and Special Education) 

  • With a focus on special education, students will learn how to nurture social, cultural and developmental diversity.  

Bachelor of Education (Primary) 

  • With a focus on primary education, this degree is designed for students who have a passion for teaching younger grades and making a difference in the lives of young students.  

Bachelor of Education (Secondary and Special Education) 

  • Aimed at students who have a passion for working with a diverse range of abilities, graduates will have the skills and knowledge required to work with a variety of learning and behavioural difficulties.  

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) 

  • This degree gives students an opportunity to focus on two different teaching areas and be qualified to teach all levels of secondary school.  

 Bachelor of Educational Studies 

  • The ATAR for Educational Studies is 58.5 and is a 3-year, full time program 
  • This specialised degree prepares students for a teaching career in corporate training, online learning, community education, adult education and education consultation.  

Charles Sturt University 

Although this university does not offer any on-campus education degree programs in Canberra, students are able to study a Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years) and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – Industry Entry degree, online. Both of these courses require three years of full-time studies but no ATAR was noted.  

University of Canberra 

All of the education degree programs at the University of Canberra require an ATAR for teaching of 60 and are 4-year programs.  

Bachelor of Primary Education 

  • Graduates will have the skills needed to teach English, maths, science, health and PE, humanities and social sciences, and technologies to primary students aged 5 to 12. 

Bachelor of Primary Education (STeM) 

  • Although this degree covers being able to teach all of the core primary subjects, it focuses on the exciting fields of science, mathematics and technologies.  

Bachelor of Primary Education (Health and Physical Education) 

  • With a specialisation on health and physical education, students leave qualified to teach all primary grades with a focus on primary health, personal development and physical education. 

Bachelor of Primary Education (Creative Arts) 

  • This unique degree allows graduates to become a primary teacher with a focus on the creative arts such as visual arts, drama, music and dance.  

Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education  

  • Throughout the course of this program, students will gain the necessary scientific, literacy and numeracy knowledge needed to teach primary students as well as the theories, principles and foundations required to teach in primary and early childhood settings. 

Calculating your ATAR Score for an Education Degree

The Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is calculated using a complex system of a student’s assessments and exam marks, school rankings and scaling. Courses that are most often required to calculate an ATAR are: English, Maths, and a Science option. Our beginner’s guide to understanding ATAR is a great starting point for both parents and high school students looking for more information on how this score is calculated. If your student would like a little extra help in achieving the ATAR score that they’re aiming for, our experienced tutors in Canberra can help your student meet all of their academic goals. 

How to get into Education without an ATAR

For students who don’t have an ATAR but are still hoping for a career in education, many universities offer bridging courses or programs that help students to upgrade their prerequisites. Additionally, some universities consider diploma course certificates and vocational experience as consideration for entry. As each school will have their own requirements, it’s best to contact the university’s admissions department to find out all of the options for your child. Regardless of how students find their way to graduating with a teaching degree, anyone who wants to teach in the Australian Capital Territory must register with the ACT Teacher Quality Institute, as well as undertake a Working with Vulnerable People check before they can start teaching.  

How to achieve the ATAR for Education in Canberra

Although there are a range of education degrees offered throughout Canberra, the minimum ATAR for teaching Canberra universities look for is fairly similar across the board. However, as ATAR requirements change from year to year, students will want to be confident that they have the grades they need to get into the program of their choice. A Team Tuition can tailor a customised tutoring program  designed to meet your child’s needs in order to set them on the road to success.   

What ATAR do you need to be a teacher?

Both primary and secondary teachers work to inspire and nurture young people so that they can learn and develop in positive, meaningful ways. A career in education can be rewarding both within Australia and worldwide, as most Australian teaching degrees are recognised internationally. With such a variety of career paths, students looking for a career in teaching should expect that this will be a very popular profession and aim to do their very best in high school in order to get into the program of their choice. If your child requires a little boost in motivation, confidence or academic results in a particular subject, A Team Tuition’s experienced tutors can help them achieve their goals and have a successful teaching career ahead.