Paramedicine ATAR: What Are The Requirments?

What is the ATAR for Paramedicine in Australia?

Do you love helping others and feel confident that you can you handle the pressure of knowing just what to do in an emergency situation? If so, a career in paramedicine may be just the right fit.  

A career as a paramedic can be both extremely challenging and highly rewarding as the scope of a paramedic’s role is constantly changing and expanding. The good news is that exciting career opportunities are always popping up whether it’s in private practice or with an ambulance service. For students looking for a rewarding, life-saving career where you are continuously being challenged while advancing your skills on a daily basis, paramedicine may be worth looking into.  

ATAR for paramedicine

Luckily, there are paramedicine degree courses offered in every state across Australia, except for the Northern Territory. Students will have their choice of schools as long as they meet the minimum prerequisites to gain acceptance. The ATAR for paramedicine across Australia typically ranges from the high 60s to the mid-90s and is a 2–4-year program depending on the school and course you choose.  


If your child needs assistance in order to achieve the minimum ATAR for Paramedicine at the school of their choice, our professional tutors can help.


What ATAR is needed for Paramedicine in Australia?

While there is no hard and fast minimum number that you need to get into paramedicine as it varies from year to year and school to school, students should investigate the universities in the state that they’d like to study to get an idea of the minimum ATAR for paramedicine at their local universities. Although the ATAR is calculated using a variety of high school courses (see our beginner’s guide to understanding ATAR for more info), English, chemistry and biology are key subjects to prepare you for studying paramedicine. Health, psychology and physical education courses can also be beneficial prior to enrolling in post-secondary paramedicine studies.  

As minimum ATAR scores required for each university in any given year go up and down depending on the number of students applying, students need to aim to achieve their highest ATAR possible – and not be afraid to enlist the help of professional tutors if they need a little help along the way.  

What is the minimum ATAR for paramedicine at Australian Universities?

Paramedicine hopefuls are fortunate in that there are schools that offer this program in almost every state and the entry requirements vary greatly. If students are willing to go to university out of state, there will be more options for getting into the school of their choice. However, if you live in South Australia, for example, and want to study paramedicine locally, you’ll need an ATAR in the high 90s just to be considered!  

Certain schools will offer adjustments to your ATAR score based on specific criteria, and some schools also offer alternate pathways to gaining admittance without an ATAR. If you don’t meet the required minimum ATAR for your first-choice school, it might be worth contacting the university to see what your options are. In general, however, the following is a summary of Australian undergrad paramedicine programs and their most recent corresponding entry requirements. 

What is the ATAR for Paramedicine in New South Wales and Canberra?

There are four universities and five programs in New South Wales and Canberra offering degree courses in paramedicine with ATARs ranging from 70 all the way up to 99.95!  If your child has their sights set on going to one of the schools listed that requires a minimum ATAR for paramedicine way up in the 90s, they will need razor-sharp focus in order to achieve their goal. Our professional tutors in Sydney and Canberra are ready to help.  

Charles Sturt University 

Bachelor of Paramedicine   

  • Minimum 70 selection rank  
  • Full-time 3 years (or part-time equivalent) 
  • Honours pathway is 4 years full time (or part-time equivalent)

University of Tasmania (Sydney Campus) 

Bachelor of Paramedic Practice

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine is 77.05  
  • 2-year program 

Western Sydney University  

Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)  

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine is 90  
  • 3-year program 

Australian Catholic University (Canberra) 

Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Paramedicine   

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine/ nursing is 93 
  • 4 years full-time or equivalent part-time 

Bachelor of Paramedicine 

  • Minimum ATAR is 99.95 
  • 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time 

What is the minimum ATAR for paramedicine in Victoria?

In Victoria, four universities offer a combined total of five bachelor degrees in this field with the minimum ATAR for paramedicine ranging from 75-94. With such high entry requirements, A Team Tuition can help your child gain the confidence, motivation and top marks that they need to have the best chance of getting into the school of their choice. 

La Trobe University   

Bachelor of Paramedic Practice (Honours)  

  • 84.2 minimum ATAR required  
  • 4-year program 

Monash University 

Bachelor of Paramedicine  

  • Minimum ATAR is 75 or 86.5 selection rank after adjustments 
  • 3-year program 

Australian Catholic University 

Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Paramedicine  

  • Minimum ATAR is 85 
  • 4-year program 

Bachelor of Paramedicine 

  • Minimum ATAR is 94 
  • 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time 

Victoria University 

Bachelor of Paramedicine  

  • Minimum selection rank after adjustments is 85.4 
  • 3-year program 

What is the ATAR for paramedicine in Queensland?

Queensland offers six paramedic degree programs across five universities with the minimum ATAR for paramedicine ranging from the mid-60s up into the high 90s. Depending on which school your child is hoping to go to, competition could be tough. For students looking for an extra boost in order to help achieve the grades that they need, A Team Tuition can help.  

Australian Catholic University 

Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Paramedicine  

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine/ nursing is 88 
  • 4-year degree 

Bachelor of Paramedicine 

  • Minimum ATAR is 80 
  • 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time 

Griffith University 

Bachelor of Paramedicine   

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine is 97 
  • 3-year program 

Queensland University of Technology 

Bachelor of Paramedic Science  

  • Minimum ATAR is 93  
  • 3-year degree 

University of Southern Queensland  

Bachelor of Paramedicine  

  • Minimum ATAR is 65.6 
  • 3-year program 

University of Sunshine Coast  

Bachelor of Paramedic Science 

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine is 78 
  • 3-year program 

What is the minimum ATAR needed for paramedicine in Western Australia?

In Western Australia, two universities offer paramedicine Bachelor of Science degrees and both are looking for ATARs in the 70s. Even though the ATAR for paramedicine at these schools isn’t as high as it is in some of the other universities in Australia, with only two schools offering this program in Western Australia, students will still need to ensure that they aim high to secure their spot. If your student needs help achieving the marks they need to get into the school of their choice, we can help.  

Curtin University 

Bachelor of Science (Paramedicine) 

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine is 70 
  • 3-year program 

Edith Cowan University 

Bachelor of Science (Paramedical Science) 

  • Minimum ATAR for paramedicine is 70 
  • 3-year program 

What ATAR do I need to study paramedicine in South Australia? 

In South Australia, Flinders University is the only university offering a Bachelor of Paramedic Science  degree, and the ATAR for this 3-year program is a whopping 98.3 – which means competition to get into this program is fierce. With the minimum ATAR for paramedicine in South Australia being this high, even top achieving students may wish to enlist the help of a professional tutor to increase their chances of securing a spot in this highly sought-after program. 

What is the minimum ATAR for paramedicine in Tasmania?

The University of Tasmania’s Bachelor of Paramedic Practice is the only degree in the state for this area of study. The minimum ATAR for paramedicine in Tasmania most recently was 77.05 so your child will need to aim for an ATAR higher than this benchmark if they’re hoping to be offered a spot. If your student is worried that they won’t reach this goal on their own, contact A Team Tuition in Hobart – we’re always here to help. 

Can you study paramedicine without an ATAR?

Many schools do offer students special considerations and alternate pathways for entry even if they don’t have the required minimum ATAR for paramedicine. Some schools offer exceptions for students who have faced circumstances beyond their control (such as financial hardship, serious medical conditions, etc.) or they may offer bridging courses, credit for on-the-job experience, or international qualifications. Regardless of the entry path students take, most universities will require students to have a police and working with children check, up to date immunisations, and first aid and/or CPR certification. Students considering paramedicine as a career should also be good communicators, be able to think on their feet, and thrive while working under pressure. 

How can I achieve the minimum ATAR for paramedicine in Australia?

Like many other careers in the medical field, having the right aptitude and personal characteristics for the job are just as important as having the right grades. Caring for patients as a first responder requires critical thinking, acting ethically, showing compassion, staying calm under pressure, and being physically fit. If your child fits this description but they would like that extra level of confidence that they’ll be able to achieve the minimum ATAR for paramedicine at the school of their choice,  A Team Tuition can create a customised program  for your child and help them be on their way to having a successful and rewarding career as a paramedic.