What ATAR Is Needed To Study Forensic Science In Australia?

Australian universities offer students many options to get into the exciting field of forensic science. Programs are designed to equip students with highly adaptable scientific skills so they can go on to work with law enforcement, the justice system, government laboratories, or funeral homes. Because the programs offered are so varied, the minimum ATAR for forensic science degrees in Australia ranges from 60 to the high 90s. For students hoping to embark on a career in this highly complex and interesting field, they will need to strive to achieve the highest ATAR possible to get into the program of their choice.  

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How to achieve the ATAR for Forensic Science in Australia

As forensic science deals heavily with biology, chemistry, physics and psychology, getting top grades in these subjects in high school will be a definite advantage. As scienceplay a large role in determining the ATAR score, these subjects, along with maths and English should be a focus in high school for university hopefulsOur beginner’s guide to understanding ATAR is an excellent reference for those wanting to learn more about how the ATAR score is calculated. However, as entry requirements fluctuate from year to year, there is no way of knowing what the exact cut off point will be. For students to have the best chance of getting into the program of their choice, they should strive to achieve the highest ATAR they can possibly get – and not be afraid to ask for help along the way.  

What is the minimum ATAR for Forensic Science needed at Australian Universities?

With many forensic science programs offered across Australia, there is quite a large range of minimum ATAR requirements. However, the summary below should help to highlight programs, locations and minimum ATAR scores needed for key universities across the country.  

What is the minimum ATAR for Forensic Science in New South Wales and Canberra?

There are quite a few options for students wishing to study in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, and the minimum ATAR for forensic science is just as varied as the programs offered. The two programs offered in Canberra require an ATAR in the low 60s, while some of the more complex combined degree programs in Sydney have a set minimum in the mid-high 90s. To get into a dual degree program, the pressure will be on and it could be beneficial for students to enlist help from a professional tutor in Sydney and Canberra to help give them the best chance of getting into the program of their choice. 

The University of Technology Sydney  

 Bachelor of Forensic Science 

  • Students are able to complete this hands-on course using world class facilities modelled after real life labs 
  • Minimum ATAR for forensic science is 85.35 

Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours) in Applied Chemistry 

  • Students can study this option to take on a year-long research project while enhancing their skills with professional development subjects 
  • No ATAR for forensic science specifically listed for this study option 

 Bachelor of Forensic Science Bachelor of Arts in International Studies 

  • Minimum ATAR is 89.95 
  • Course prepares students for specialized professional work in the field of forensic science 

 Bachelor of Forensic Science Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation 

  • Minimum ATAR is 86.6 
  • Course teaches intelligence and innovation training including real world projects and self-directed studies in diverse fields to prepare students to be able to address problems, challenges and new opportunities in the field of forensic science 

 Bachelor of Forensic Science Bachelor of Laws 

  • Minimum ATAR is 96.15 
  • Graduates will be eligible for admission to practise law in NSW and will have opportunities to connect with federal and state police services, national and international forensic institutions, and government laboratories through UTS’s partnership network 

Western Sydney University  

 Bachelor of Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice) 

  • Although Western Sydney University doesn’t have a true Bachelor of Forensic Science degree – they do offer this 3-year Bachelor of Medical Science degree with a focus on forensic mortuary practice 
  • Career outcomes include working at forensic mortuaries and forensic labs or in the funeral industry 
  • The minimum ATAR for forensic science for this course is 72  

The University of Canberra 

Bachelor of Applied Science in Forensic Studies 

  • ATAR for forensic science in Canberra is 60 
  • Students will be able to take advantage of UC’s respected partnerships with major research institutions and forensic providers in Canberra and NSW as well as a number of overseas universities and institutions, including the University of Florida and the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain 

Bachelor of Justice Studies/ Bachelor of Forensic Studies 

  • A minimum ATAR of 65 is required 
  • Students can look forward to a future in forensic law enforcement and develop key skills in relation to forensic details and crime investigations

What ATAR is needed for Forensic Science in Western Australia?

In Western Australia, both Murdoch and Edith Cowan Universities offer forensic science courses. Although the minimum ATARs for these programs aren’t as high as they are in some areas of the country, with only two programs offered in this field, your student may want a little extra help to ensure that they get the grades needed to secure their spot in the program and location of their choice.  

 Murdoch University’s Bachelor of Criminology/ Bachelor of Science 

  • Murdoch University does not have a specific forensic science degree but forensics is the key area of study in this combined undergrad program 
  • Learn tools associated with solving crimes through using science, forensic techniques and examining human behaviour 
  • 4-year course 
  • Minimum ATAR is 60.10  

 Edith Cowan University’s Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) / Forensic Science Major 

  • This forensic science major falls under the Bachelor of Science umbrella and focuses on forensics and biomedical sciences to carry out forensic investigations 
  • 4-year course 
  • Minimum ATAR is 70  

What is the minimum ATAR for Forensic Science in Queensland?

Queensland students will have to compete for their spot at Queensland’s only university that offers forensic science bachelor degrees. A Team Tuition can help your child secure their spot to ensure that they have a chance of an exciting future in forensic science.  

 Griffith University 

Bachelor of Forensic Science/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice 

  • Minimum ATAR is 65 
  • This double degree allows students to study at the largest criminology school in Australia. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of new forensic analytical methods and study real life casework 

Bachelor of Forensic Science 

  • Minimum ATAR for forensic science is 65 
  • Students will study core courses in forensic investigation, chemistry, biology and molecular genetics in their first year before choosing a major to focus on starting in year 2 

What is the minimum ATAR for Forensic Science in South Australia?

In South Australia, Flinders is the only university offering a forensic science degree. With this being the only program in the state, students may wish to enlist the help of a professional tutor to help ensure that they get a spot. However, Flinders also offers a pathway with a lower minimum ATAR for forensic science which allows students to have a chance of getting into the main program in their second year.  

Courses offered at Flinders are: 

Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science) 

  • Minimum ATAR 70 
  • This degree combines options for forensic chemistry or forensic biology with forensic investigations 
  •   Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science Pathway)  
  • This option offers a 1-year pathway program for students who may not meet the requirements to gain direct entry into the Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science)  
  • Minimum ATAR for this option is 60 

What is the minimum ATAR for forensic science in Victoria?

In Victoria, Deakin university is the only school offering bachelor degrees in forensic science. For students looking for a chance to study modern forensics, simulated crime scenes and courtroom presentations, they may wish to enlist the help of A Team Tuition to ensure they secure their spot in this unique program.  

Deakin’s Forensic Science courses are: 

Bachelor of Forensic Science 

  • Minimum ATAR is 60.4  
  • 3-year degree 
  • An honours option (additional 1 year) is also available for qualifying students 

Bachelor of Forensic Science/ Bachelor of Criminology 

  • Minimum ATAR is 65.8 
  • 4-year degree 

Can you study forensic science without an ATAR?

Without an ATAR – or a high enough ATAR, there are still options for students wishing to study forensic sciences. Most schools offer bridging courses, credit for relevant career experience and other alternate pathways to gain entry. There are also options to do an undergrad degree in a related field and enter this field as a graduate student providing you have the right prerequisite courses. It’s best to speak with the admissions department at the school of your choice to explore what options are available in your unique circumstance.  

Start your journey to a rewarding career in forensic science today

Contrary to what is seen on TV, the field of forensic science involves a whole lot more than just solving crimes. Career opportunities include being a chemistry or DNA analyst, working as a forensic toxicologist or formulation chemist, or working in a number of roles within law enforcement, public health or education.  

With many states only offering one or two programs in this field, students will need to achieve the highest ATAR possible to have the best chance at securing a spot. A Team Tuition’s professional tutors  are ready to help students across Australia Through the creation of customised programs to offer academic support, confidence building tools or boosting motivation, our team will create a program that caters to each student’s individual needs.