What’s the ATAR for Civil Engineering in Queensland?

What’s the ATAR for Civil Engineering in Queensland? 

As Civil Engineers have a great deal of responsibility to design products and infrastructure for our communities, it’s vital that they are fully qualified, competent and experienced. In Queensland, meeting the minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering will help students gain entry into an undergrad degree program recognised in alignment with the Washington Accord – an international agreement that ensures that universities are up to date with meeting both national and international engineering benchmarks. This is the first step to becoming a (RPEQ) Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland. Upon graduating, students may continue on to post-grad studies, or work towards becoming a RPEQ. For the latter, graduates must carry out professional engineering services in Queensland under direct supervision of a RPEQ for four years. At that time, they will be assessed to confirm that they have met the competency requirements to become a RPEQ themselves.  

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ATAR for Civil Engineering

What ATAR is Needed for Civil Engineering in Queensland?

Students hoping to gain entry into a Civil Engineering undergrad program will need to focus on both Maths and English to meet the required pre-requisites and do their very best in these subjects to achieve the minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering required by Queensland universities. As parents and students in Queensland are beginning to understand the new ATAR system, it’s becoming a little easier to navigate. Currently the required ATAR for Civil Engineering lies between about 63 and 84, however, that can easily change each year depending on the number of students applying to each specific program. 

What is the Required ATAR for Civil Engineering at Queensland Universities?

Queensland University of Technology’s Civil Engineering Program

QUT offers students the chance to study topics such as geotechnical and water engineering, sustainable engineering, and steel, highway and transport engineering. They also offer a Work Integrated Learning program which gives students the chance to gain experience, get paid and earn credit under the supervision of a certified engineer.  

  • Honours-level content integrated throughout the course 
  • Minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering is 75 
  • 4-year, full-time program 

The University of Queensland’s School of Civil Engineering 

The University of Queensland offers a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program requiring a minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering of 83.5. This program allows students to tailor their specialisation with majors and minors that match a student’s interests. For Civil Engineering, options are as follows: 

Central Queensland University’s Civil Engineering Programs

Central Queensland University offers both a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Construction) and Diploma of Construction Management course as well as a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Design) and Diploma of Building Design program. All have the same duration and entry requirements: 

  • 4.5 years full-time, 9 years part-time 
  • Minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering is 69  

Griffith University’s Faculty of Civil Engineering

Griffith’s purpose-built Engineering, Technology and Aviation building offers the latest in hands-on technology so engineering students can learn in spaces that mirror working in the real world.  

  • Griffith University offers a pathway into engineering through their Aptitude for Engineering Assessment which assesses a student’s ability to solve problems, use critical thinking skills and think scientifically. 
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree is 4 years full-time 
  • Minimum ATAR for Engineering is 73.30 

 Griffith also offers the following combined degree programs: 

James Cook University’s Engineering Courses

At James Cook University, students can learn about Civil Engineering disciplines such as structural, hydraulic, geotechnical, transport and environmental engineering through the specialized courses that they offer.   

University of Southern Queensland’s Engineering Degrees

The University of Southern Queensland offers the following two 4-year Civil Engineering degrees with a minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering of 63.15 required for each.  

Calculating your ATAR Score for a Civil Engineering Degree

While there are many benefits to the new ATAR system, it will take some time before Queensland parents and students fully understand how it actually works. Reading through this beginner’s guide to understanding ATAR is a great starting point for those who are familiarizing themselves with this new ranking system. As the ATAR uses a complex calculation based on a combination of student’s assessments and exam marks, school rankings and scaling, Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) has put together a detailed ATAR guide for a more thorough explanation of exactly how the ranks are calculated. 

What if you don’t have the minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering?

If you don’t have the required pre-requisites courses or the ATAR you need to get into Engineering, a bridging course, a diploma course or a TAFE certificate may be just what you need. Whether or not you have real life engineering experience will be factored into choosing the right pathway as well. Check with the university of your choice to learn about what pathways they offer if you don’t have the ATAR for Civil Engineering that they require. Some of these pathways also offer opportunities to gain credit towards a Bachelor of Engineering degree or to possibly earn advanced standing. 

How to achieve the ATAR for Engineering in Queensland

With a strong focus on Mathematical Methods and English, Engineering hopefuls should be focusing on these subjects in their high school years. If your student is struggling with either of these, or just needs an extra boost in motivation, A Team Tuition’s highly skilled tutors can create a customized program just for your child to help them face any challenges head on. This will assist them to achieve their goals and have the very best shot at getting into the Engineering program of their choice. 

What ATAR do you need to be a Civil Engineer?

If you dream of playing a role in planning, building and designing the world around you, Engineering is likely a great career choice. As with any undergrad programs, entry requirements fluctuate making it hard to know exactly what ATAR you will need when it comes time to apply to the school of your dreams. This is why  A Team Tuition is here to help your child achieve the highest grades possible so that they can achieve the minimum ATAR for Civil Engineering at their preferred university. With A Team on your side, your child will be well on their way to developing the skills they need to help shape the world around them!