Giving Your Child the Opportunity
to Succeed in School

The A Team Tuition Difference

Our private tutoring focuses on improving confidence, motivation, and grades by developing your child's academic strategies, mindset and providing academic support.


Our Tutoring Strategy

One-to-one tuition that is personally tailored to your child's needs.

Tutoring can take place in person at your home, at your school, or online.

We have a scientifically tested and proven model that has been developed with child psychologists, teachers, university professors, the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA), and Academics to deliver improved academic results.

The program works with your child to ensure that they understand exactly what they need to do to achieve their desired outcomes.

23.1% Grade Improvement

23.1 % Improvement (1)

In 2021, across 2,500 students, we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement!

This means that, on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


Our Tutors: Academic Personal Trainers

At A Team Tuition, we refer to our tutors as Academic Personal Trainers.


We don’t just support and teach the Australian Curriculum; we work to improve your child's mindset, support, and study and assessment strategies.

Find a tutor that helps your child learn, not just study.

Our Tutors - Acadmeic Personal Trainers

Our APTs (tutors) are A Team Tuition employees and are all trained in delivering our program. Our APTs have access to curriculum resources for every state, year level, and subject.

All A Team Tuition APTs pass a rigorous 4-stage recruitment process, WWC and police checks, undergo an intensive onboarding training program, and receive ongoing training and support. This includes being upskilled to support children with learning challenges.


What You Can Expect as a parent

Consistent weekly sessions over the entire term, at days and times that suit your family.

A full support system for both you and your child with your own Client Support Manager who you can contact anytime.

  • Weekly Session Notes
  • Goal Tracking
  • Confidence and Effort Tracking
  • Full Support Network

You will also receive session summaries that recap what your child accomplished during their session.

The session summary tells you how your child is progressing with their goals, their confidence, and their motivation levels.


One-on-one tutoring, in person or online, allows your child to create a connection with their Academic Personal Trainer.

We offer all subjects across all year levels in all state curriculums.  Find a tutor that comes to you, with fully personalised, one-on-one private tutoring for children in Prep to Year 12.


In 2021, across 2,500 students we had a 23.1% increase in grade improvement. Meaning that on average, every student went up an entire letter grade.


95% of our students have a significant increase in


86% of our students have a significant increase in

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