The New Approach to Tutoring in Adelaide is a Game Changer

For decades, tutoring in Adelaide has been rolled out with the same approach – and achieving the same results.  While it works for some kids, for many, a standard approach to tutoring means little improvement in grades, and a detrimental blow to their confidence.

Meanwhile, the STAR Program brings together child psychology, elite athletic training principles, and incorporates contemporary educational philosophy to change the entire approach to student achievement.  And, the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

The new option for Adelaide students

Square pegs…round holes.  If your student has worked with a tutor in the past and still not achieved their full potential, it’s likely you’ve got yourself a square peg.  The good news is that if a child doesn’t fit that standard round hole, chances are they think ‘outside the box’.  At the core of the A Team Tuition STAR Program is that no two children have the same challenges, and gifts.  The program is developed especially to overcome the barriers and nurture the gifts. The wrong tutor can harm your child’s chances of reaching their full potential, even lead them to think that their gifts are a burden.  That’s where the new approach has been so successful in creating A students.

How this approach to education works

It’s not just about rote learning from the curriculum.  Your tutor will come to your Adelaide home (see locations we tutor here) where your child is most comfortable.  Before the books are opened, your carefully matched tutor will assess your child’s learning preferences and any emotional or psychological barriers to achievement.  Once your tutor has a good understanding of your child’s challenges and gifts, they’ll develop a study strategy that caters specifically to your child’s needs.  Beyond that, they’ll work with your child to build a support network, so your child always knows where to turn when they’ve got questions.  Our team of Adelaide tutors are carefully recruited, constantly upskilled and in constant touch with your family. 

And the results?

With a new “I can totally do this” mindset, and a team of people cheering them on, your child has all the resources they need to set big goals, and achieve them.  How do we know?  After a decade of transforming underperformers into overachievers, we’re pretty confident that we can change your child’s entire outlook on school – and secure a bigger, brighter future.  Here’s just a few examples of kids we’ve worked with already.

Year 12 Boy Goes From C’s to Straight A’s In Only 6 Months

Year 11 Boy Jumps From D’s to A’s In Just 6 Months

Year 9 Boy Receives First Ever A+

We’re excited to be tutoring in Adelaide

After working with Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney’s most high achieving schools, we’re excited to be joining Adelaide’s most prestigious schools in 2021. Our work with families, with schools and with the Australian Boarding Schools Association means we’re eager to help Adelaide students, and schools to take their grades to remarkable places.    

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