Parents’ Guide to Choosing Private Tutoring in Canberra

If you’re in Canberra and you’re looking to help your child achieve their best results and get into the university of their dreams, A Team Tuition offers exceptional private tutoringCanberra is unique in Australia – there are so many great universities on offer, but that also makes it the hardest location for getting into university. It’s just so competitive, and there are so many tutors on offer out there – so how do you make a choice? You don’t want to gamble on your child’s future!  

Here at A Team Tuition, we offer more than just private tutoring – Canberra students will gain the confidence, knowledge, and ability to achieve their best results so they can live their dreams.  

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Why quality private tutoring matters

Canberra is a city known for its universities – particularly Australian National University, or ANU, one of the most prestigious universities in Australia. If your child has their heart set on attending this university, or indeed any of the universities in Canberra, they need to put their best foot forward. That’s where private tutoring comes in. A quality tutor can help your child understand their weaknesses as a student and how to best utilise their strengths to obtain their best possible results. A tutor can also give your child insider knowledge on what they’ll need to achieve to obtain a spot in their ideal course at their ideal university.  

What A Team Tuition offers

At A Team Tuition, we work a little differently. Our focus is on educating your child on the three core pillars of success – Growth Mindset, Academic Support, and Academic Strategy. We’ve developed a program alongside child psychologists, teachers, university professors and other academic specialists that will help your child to deliver better results. It’s a custom-based approach designed to work with your child to help them understand what they need to do to be successful. It’s all based around the specific needs of your child, and that’s exactly where our focus is – on the needs of your child.  

We also offer support for parents and for our tutors to ensure that the program we’ve chosen is the right one for your child. To do that, there’s an 8-step process: 

  1. Parents will speak either via phone, email, or in person to one of our Academic Personal Training Consultants. 
  2. We create a customised program in line with your goals for your child’s education. 
  3. Our tutoring team matches the ideal tutor for your child based on their personality, their goals, and their learning style. 
  4. This new tutor will call and introduce themselves before the first session. 
  5. The tutor implements a customised study strategy and will work with you and your child as an academic coach. 
  6. Tutors also meet one-on-one with our success manager each week to review and update your child’s customised plan. 
  7. Our customer success team will touch base with you and the tutor to ensure you have all the resources you require. 
  8. We continue to send you tips you can use as a parent to help further your child’s results. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to give your child additional academic support and a real advantage when it comes to their study process, A Team Tuition could be the solution. 

For proven private tutoring Canberra students can reach their full potential with, contact our friendly team today!