Can Online Tutoring Help My Child?

Online Tutoring

Can Online Tutoring Help My Child?

Online tutoring has soared in popularity over the last 2 years – for obvious reasons. But is it really better than in-home tutoring? Can it really help my child?  

If your child is struggling with any aspect of their schoolwork – whether they can’t cope with the see-saw of lockdowns and the closing and re-opening of school, or they require a strict routine, or they’re just introverted and work better in an environment they’re more comfortable with – online tutoring might be the answer.  

At A Team Tuition, our tutors are experienced, highly knowledgeable, and will tailor your child’s online sessions based on their needs. Our online tutors also go where in-home tutors can’t – in any remote corner of the country, whether you’re in lockdown or not. Read on to find out how online tutoring can help your child and why A Team Tuition is right for you.  

Why choose online tutoring?


Between balancing their schoolwork, participating in outside activities like sport and music classes, downtime with friends or family, and even that first part time job, students are busy. It’s not easy to find time to dedicate to tutoring. Being able to save time on waiting for your tutor to arrive at your house, or just being able to choose a more flexible schedule, allows your child to use their time more effectively.  

Comfort and convenience

Every child is different, and the way they learn is different. If your child is an introvert or finds it difficult to study with a lot of outside stimulation, online tutoring is the way to go. If they can choose their learning space, they’ll be much more comfortable. And having that barrier between them and their tutor might also allow them to open up more about any issues they may be having.  


In today’s virtual world, students are much more familiar with the digital technology associated with online lessons and learning. Even in school, students rely on the internet and computers to access information and to communicate with one another, and this familiarity also extends to tutoring. The experience will be more interactive and enjoyable, and they’ll have access to videos and technology that will make learning more effective. Your child will also have access to recordings and chat histories of their tutoring sessions in case they need to re-visit the information later.  


When looking for in-person tutors, you’ll be limited to tutors in your local area only. If you happen to live in a remote part of the country, this makes finding a tutor very difficult. It also drastically reduces your options and the potential quality of the chosen tutor. With A Team Tuition’s online tutors, you don’t have to worry about any of this.  

To book an online tutor no matter which part of Australia you’re from, contact A Team Tuition today and secure your child’s academic success!