When Is It ‘Too Late’ To Improve Reading Skills?

It is never to late to improve reading skills

It is never ‘Too Late’ to improve reading skills

If your child is struggling to read or finds reading a chore, it can be a frustrating situation for both your child and you as the parent. You might begin to wonder if things will ever get better.  

The good news is that it is never too late to improve reading skills. It’s just a matter of finding the best solution for your child. Of course, it helps to catch any issues as early as possible – and that’s where an English tutor can help.  

Here at A Team Tuition, our experienced Academic Personal Trainers act as both a tutor and mentor and are highly trained to best help your child with their literacy skills. During your Transformation Program, your APT will know your child’s unique needs and tailor their sessions to their learning style. 

What’s the best way to improve reading skills?

Educators are very excited about High Impact Tutoring, which has recently been used to help people whose first language isn’t English. The Australian Federal Government funded a program called the Home Tutor Scheme where volunteers worked with migrants and refugees who had newly arrived to Australia from non-English speaking backgrounds. The tutors provided one-on-one English tuition in the homes of their students, and it was highly effective. It both helped new arrivals with their English language skills, and it helped prevent isolation. A Team Tuition believes this intensive approach will work well for upper primary to year 10 students, in particular those who struggle with reading, as it is based entirely on their unique issues.  

What is high impact tutoring?

High impact tutoring is an intense form of tutoring sometimes offered through schools but which is always informed by data collected about the needs of the individual student. The tutoring also aligns with their classroom work, and helps the student build their skills up to where they need to be, depending on their grade level. The sessions for this kind of tutoring are held two or three times a week for the entire year, so the student and the tutor develop a good working relationship. The tutor starts by working directly with the student on foundational skills such as phonics, and then proceeds based on the progress the student makes.  

What can I do as a parent?

Reading is a core skill that your child will use every day throughout their lives. Their success in this endeavour is increased with support and encouragement at home. Making reading a fun activity can also help – many parents take their children to their local library to choose books they can read together. You can ask your child’s tutor for recommendations on which types of books will help their development as readers and allow your child to choose the titles. If you’re looking for more information on how to boost your child’s literacy skills and ignite their passion for reading, our free Literacy Parent’s Guide will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to accelerate your child’s literacy skills and ignite a love for reading!

However, engaging a professional primary school English tutor or high school English tutor can be even more impactful. With dedicated tutoring offered in a safe and supportive environment, you’ll find your child will not only improve reading skills but also build greater confidence in their abilities across all subjects. 

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