Worried that your child is falling behind in their reading ability and comprehension?

How to Improve Your Child's Literacy

 Our Free Parent's Guide will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to accelerate your child's literacy skills and ignite a love for reading!

Parents Guide to Improving Literacy

Parent's Guide To Elevating Your Child's Literacy


How to identify your child's current reading level

Strategies and tools to elevate your child's reading skills

How to create an effective reading routine

Ways to ignite your child's passion for reading

Nightly reading log for your child

Reading level correlation chart

Elevate Your Child's Literacy

Help them now, before they fall too far behind! 

Are you eager to boost your child's literacy skills and ignite their passion for reading? Our exclusive parent's guide provides you with three enriching chapters that empower you to become your child's ultimate literacy advocate!

1: Identifying Your Child's Reading Level

The first step to enhancing your child's literacy journey is understanding their current reading level. Inside our guide, you'll find engaging discussions, expert guidance, and a handy Reading Level Chart. Discover how to assess where your child stands and pave the way for improvement.

2: Strategies & Tools for Parents

Prepare to be equipped with a treasure trove of proven methods and practical strategies. With nine effective approaches at your fingertips, you'll have the tools needed to elevate your child's reading skills and empower them with the gift of literacy.

3: Cultivating Reading Skills through Routine

In this chapter, we present our comprehensive 'How to' Guide and a Nightly Reading Routine Sheet. These resources will help you create a nightly reading ritual that fosters a lifelong love for books and guarantees consistent progress in your child's literacy journey.

Join us in this transformative journey and become the parent who fuels your child's reading success. Ignite their passion for literature, boost their literacy skills, and watch them flourish into avid readers.


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