Considering IB Tutoring? Adelaide Students Can Reap The Benefits

IB Schools AdelaideConsidering IB Tutoring? Adelaide Students Can Reap The Benefits!

Never has the concept behind the International Baccalaureate program been so integral. To create a generation that can move beyond cultural awareness and essentially engage in action to excel. COVID-19 has seen a global shift, as countries have been and will diplomatically continue to work together. This creates some fantastic opportunities for students in the IB Program.  

Graduating with success from any of the four IB programs will lead to an internationally responsible, multilinguistic and socially conscious adult. The future will require and actively seek out multilinguistic speakers and communicators with the program’s cultural understanding and respect. The IB program is encouraged and supported by the South Australian Government, further supporting the theory that involvement will enhance your child’s future.  

Multilinguistic speakers in Europe now outnumber monolingual speakers

The prevalence of multilingual speakers is certainly impressive, but it’s important to note that only half of this number can read and write in a second language. The ability to read and write in more than your mother language is an advantage that can open up innumerable opportunities for international study, career advancement and develop confident and creative adults to foster international mindfulness and collective responsiveness. The desirability and benefits of the IB program are well established. 

A tutor is vital for you and your child’s health

In South Australia, we were relatively lucky with lockdowns compared to other states. However, we were all uncertain and full of anxiety; nervous parents were conscious that their child needed more support to navigate learning the standard curriculum, let alone the international education and rigorous assessment of the IB program. An experienced IB tutor is a confident and calming lifeline that can increase the wellbeing of the whole family in the following ways: 

  • Mentally – challenging the student in a comfortable and risk-free environment, giving them self-esteem and creative confidence in their study.  
  • Emotionally – feeling confident in their ability to perform under pressure in a safe environment, increasing test results and lifting anxiety from their shoulders. 
  • Physically – knowing when they will get assistance and guidance, blocking out time for study and tutoring with a professional will ease excessive anxiety and leads to better sleep, rest, and quantifiable downtime, improving general health for both parents and the student.  

Raising a curious, cross-cultural and linguistic child can be stressful and challenging. It is vital, just like the IB program, to have a village of diversity to bring out the best in your child. Tutors enrich and calm a student’s experience.  


Help your child excel with a dedicated IB Tutor. Adelaide families apply here.


Schools in Adelaide that offer the IB Program

PYP – Primary Years Program 

MYP – Middle Years Program 

DP – Diploma Program 

Aberfoyle Park High School  DP 

Annesley Junior School  PYP  

Blackwood High School  MYP 

Concordia College  PYP, MYP, DP 

Concordia College – St Johns Campus  PYP 

Coromandel Valley Primary School PYP, MYP 

Glenunga International High School DP 

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School PYP 

Immanuel College MYP 

Le Fevre High School MYP 

Linden Park Primary School PYP 

Mercedes College PYP, MYP, DP 

Norwood Morialta High School MYP, DP 

Pedare Christian College PYP, MYP 

Pembroke School  PYP, DP 

Prince Alfred College PYP, DP 

Roma Mitchell Secondary College MYP DP 

Seymour College PYP, DP 

St Peters College  DP 

St Peters Girl School PYP, DP 

Stradbroke School PYP, MYP 

Unley High School DP 

Walford Anglican School for Girls PYP, MYP, DP 

Woodcroft College PYP, DP  

 For more information on the International Baccalaureate Program in Australia, visit the IB Schools Australasia website.