Communicate with your tutor frequently!

Most parents don't know that as part of our service, our tutors are required to debrief with the parents of their students not only after every session, but at the end of each term as well! We know that you are busy or may not be at home, and often we hear that parents aren't sure if they can chat to their tutor after a session either. A phone call, text or email works just as well, as it is critical that your tutor can keep you updated on your child's progress. Often when one on one tutoring, your tutor will see things that may be unexpected, and will require your help to keep things on track, so ensuring you are all on the same page means that you are working together to achieve your goal! We also know that you know your child better than anyone else, so if you have any tips for our tutors don't hesitate to let them know.

Keep one on one tutoring sessions consistent!

Some of our busiest families are the most successful and one common denominator for this is the consistency of their one on one tutoring sessions. They will select their days and times for the term and only reschedule if it is absolutely necessary. This consistency reduces hassle for you, but creates a really solid study habit for your child. They begin to expect their sessions and it takes them less time to get into their studies, which means their tutor has more time to focus on the things that matter!

Reward effort not outcomes!

If you do the work, the grades will come. This, we know to be a hard and true fact. Whilst the main motivation for our clients is to improve their child's grades, it is crucial that they understand that in order to do that, we must help their children perfect their approach to their studies. Parents who focus on the process their child must undertake to obtain their goal grade, help us to create students who understand and appreciate that amazing grades are achieved long before they sit a test or submit an assignment. Motivating your child to continually improve upon their best efforts will always create longer lasting results then rewarding them for getting a specific grade. We talk more about this specifically in our blogs.

Understand that transformation through one on one tutoring is a team effort!

Transformation truly occurs when our student's support network is synchronised. Working with both your tutor and your children's teachers will dramatically improve your child's odds for improving their grades. Our tutors will always encourage their students to work with their teacher to ask for their feedback and advice, and also to let them know that improving their grades is a serious goal of theirs. On occasion, our tutors will contact the teachers directly and we find that they are often more than happy to provide assistance where possible. We do find however, that students are sometimes hesitant to contact their teacher, so you may have to assist them in doing so. Teachers often notice when students are starting to struggle, long before their grades reflect this, so working with them to be proactive can prevent things getting worse than they need to.