Tutoring Centre vs Home Tutoring in Sydney: What’s the Best Option?

If your child is struggling at school, you might have made the decision to hire a tutor – but should you go with a tutoring centre, or go with home tutoring? Sydney has many options available but how do you know which will be best for your child?   

A Team Tuition offers premium home tutoring services tailor-made to suit the individual needs of your child. We believe home tutoring offers the most rewarding and effective tutoring service – read on to find out why.  

Weighing up the options

When weighing up your options, many find it difficult to choose between tutoring centres and home tutoring. Different styles of teaching and different ways of learning benefit different students, and so you must make the best choice for your child. Would they benefit from having someone visit the comfort of your home in a one-onone setting, or would they prefer a different tutor each time, in a professional setting? Do they require more specialised help in certain subjects, or do they need more generalised help?  

When it comes to A Team Tuition, we believe that at home, one-on-one private tutoring offers the best option to students struggling to perform well in school. Home tutoring means your child learns in the comfort of their own home environment. They get to choose their study space, and stick with that space, for as long as they need private tutoring. This is essential for kids who might have problems with concentration, or if they have sensory issues. A tutoring centre won’t provide such a space. Your child also doesn’t have to worry about other students finding out about their tutor – there’s no embarrassment in a private setting. Privacy is key to their comfort, and their comfort is key to providing the best possible place to learn. 


So you’ve decided to hire a tutor for your child – but should you go with a tutoring centre or home tutor. Sydney parents, read on to find out!

A tailored approach to home tutoring Sydney students

Home tutoring also provides specialised one-on-one tutoring, with the same tutor for each session. Your child and their tutor can build a relationship where your child can feel at ease asking questions, receiving feedback, and even feeling motivated. It’s quite a personal thing, admitting you need help, and developing rapport with your tutor only makes this easier. In a tutoring centre, your child would meet with a different tutor each session, which we believe would only hinder the process.  

Another plus is that a private tutor works on specialised areas, and focuses on the things your child may be having problems with. For example, if you are only looking for a maths tutor in Sydney not an English tutor, then we can send a tutor that specialises in maths. 

Their tutoring plans are designed specifically for your child, based on the way the child learns and what works best for them. Your child learns more effectively this way, and you’ll see the results much sooner. A tutor in a centre won’t work often enough with your child to understand what would work best with them. 

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