Foundations of Learning in High School

Anxiety Strategies for High School Students

Anxiety is a term that unfortunately is widely thrown around to describe how people feel in a bunch of different situations; exams, before an important meeting or interview or even…

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How to Help Your Child Succeed at School #3 – Effectively Managing Your Student

When I talk to parents on the phone about how they manage their children, I can practically see their puzzled expression through the phone. It seems like such an odd concept to ‘manage’ a child and often the thought evokes images of bratty sequin covered children and petty squabbles akin to a scene from dance mums. Our parenting expert Janine McEvoy, however, explains that managing your child effectively is one of the most crucial components to their development.

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time management tips for students

7 Effective Time Management Tips For Students

There are lots of students who I see on a weekly basis who are jam-packing their week with so many extracurricular activities that their studies are starting to suffer yet I also see others who thrive under pressure. I also regularly come across students who have minimal obligations and don’t even know where to start when it comes to planning their day to day commitments (aside from making sure they have time to check their snapchat streaks)!

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Why Academic Personal Training Works: Benefits of Private Tutoring

People contact us mostly because they want a specific result: an improvement in their or their child’s grades. Within the…

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What Is an Aural Learner? Aural Learning Meaning & Strategies

Note: If you’re unsure as to what a learning language is, make sure to read our introductory blog all about…

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learning styles

Learning Styles 2.0: An Introduction To The Way We Learn

In all the years we have spent in the education industry, A Team Tuition and its team have absolutely never…

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motivation for students

How To Help Your Child Succeed at School # 1 – Motivation for Students

Have you ever heard of the old “carrot and stick” technique? It uses a visual metaphor of a person, using…

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