Tutoring During School Holidays? Yes, it’s a thing!

School holiday tutoring is not the thing your child’s dreams are made of – but the results will speak for themselves!

It’s been a year of ups and downs – well, mostly downs! – and a lot of disruption, and you may have noticed your child’s report card looking a little less than impressive – particularly if your child is in Year 10 or 11. If your child’s results aren’t setting the world alight with their brilliance, you might consider school holiday tutoring. This suggestion will probably be met by groans and moaning, but the benefits can be massive! Read on to find out how you can get your child into school holiday tutoring with A Team Tuition these school holidays!

The benefits

School holiday tutoring is always going to be met with complaints from your child – but we think the benefits speak for themselves!

  • Revision. School holiday tutoring can be tailored to focus on revising what your child learned the previous school year. Studies show that school-aged students display a dip in their academic ability after an extended holiday. Teachers also speak of a noticeable backslide in the performance of their students post-holiday. Revision during the holiday period can help your child to feel more confident about themselves when returning to school. They also have an assured head-start for the term over their peers.
  • Routine. School holiday tutoring can continue your child’s academic momentum. Routine is also very important for children and helps them feel secure. Returning to the swing of things can be difficult after an extended holiday and continuing with tuition makes this transition much easier.
  • Maintaining and developing good study habits. The reinforced structure of school holiday tutoring can help create a schedule your child can maintain throughout their academic career and even on to university.
  • Tackling gaps in their learning. School holiday tutoring gives students the opportunity to revise and reflect not only on what they learnt in the school year, but also on what they struggled with. A tutor can help your child to bridge any gaps in their knowledge and work through any problems they might have had with the material studied in the previous year. They’ll be back on track for the new school term and will have gained new skills to help them tackle new topics.

How can you get your kid interested?

You already know the bad news here – your kids aren’t going to want to do school holiday tutoring. The good news though, is that our tutors at A Team Tuition are experienced with kids of any schooling level, and they understand that making tutoring sessions enjoyable and engaging is the key to success. Your child’s tutor can turn what seems like a chore during the school term into something fun and entertaining. They’ll develop a unique study plan based on your child’s individual needs. And it doesn’t have to be every day, or even every single week – just enough to keep them on track!

To book your child’s School Holiday Tutoring sessions, contact A Team Tuition today!