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We Believe That Any Student, Anywhere Can Achieve “A” Grades With The Right Mindset, Support, and Strategies

Official Tutoring Company to the Australian Bording Schools Association

The Official Academic Support Experts of The Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA)

As proud partners of the Australian Boarding Schools Association, we provide customised, student-focused boarding school tutoring during ‘boarding prep’ hours.  Our energetic tutors engage your boarders in active learning, creating a mindset and cultural change, not just “two more hours of school”.

We must warn you – your students may ACTUALLY ENJOY boarding prep!

Our boarding school tutoring service is an Australian first

Our tutoring service is unlike anything ever seen before in Australian boarding schools. We step in to provide the support and motivation formerly provided to boarding students by parents. The right support is a key pillar of a child’s success. Parents choose you for an enhanced and superior educational experience for their children. We partner with your school to deliver on that promise.

We understand your challenges

We work closely with schools every day and are the only tutoring partner of the Australian Boarding School Association (ABSA).  We work closely with ABSA and our schools to understand the challenges of boarding and deliver proven solutions.

  • Your boarders’ wellbeing and academic achievements are your top priority.
  • Your school provides an essential service to families across Australia, and the world. You rise to this responsibility despite the challenges.
  • Boarder prep hours can be challenging to staff consistently.
  • Boarder prep hours can be unpopular with students.
  • Despite your unwavering commitment to boarder prep, you know that your students could be getting more from this precious time.

Your school already provides exemplary service to all of your students, and as your partner, we assist in transforming your prep time through our proven Secrets to Academics Revealed (STAR) framework of mindset, strategy and support.  Our aim is to provide your students with study skills that carry them through adult life.


84% of students


98% Homework completion rate


95% increase in motivation


94% percent of students find the program ENJOYABLE AND IMPACTFUL 

Our solutions are tailor-made for your school and students

The first step is for us to consult with you on your school’s goals. When you work with our team we provide a full strategy for improving boarder grades, confidence and engagement. We’ll help you to overcome staffing issues and lighten your load, your teachers’ load and most importantly the administration load. We don’t just deliver improved grades, we deliver improved experiences for boarders throughout the school year.

Our Transformer Prep Program

Depending on your needs, we can provide:

  • Multiple tutors across multiple subjects to work one-on-one or in small groups.
  • Act as liaisons between teachers, parents, students and the school to ensure children have a coherent support network.
  • Provide individual study strategies for students based on teacher recommendations.
  • Support teachers with specific tasks and exam preparation – including areas of difficulty for individual students.
  • Provide full supervision of boarder prep, freeing up teachers to focus on lesson planning and curriculum development.
  • Provide individual focus and develop trust between students and their boarding school tutor.
  • Monitor the mindset of individual students and generate specific study strategies to overcome any issues.
  • Mentor and coach children struggling with academic or emotional challenges.
  • Assist your school in monitoring the wellbeing of all boarders. Enhancing your reputation as a safe and supportive home for young learners.

Our partnership with your school

Safe. Supportive. Solution oriented. The same promise we make to students and parents, we make to our partner schools.

  • Our tutor screening, recruitment and training programs are world-class and every member of our team is committed to strengthen your school.
  • Our team acts as an extension of yours. Our close partnership will ease the burden on your staff. We aim to provide a seamless service that “just clicks” with your school’s systems and culture.
  • Like our strategic approach to study for your students, your outcomes are vital. Higher achievements amongst your student body means higher demand for your school.  Our program not only provides proven academic results but demonstrates to prospective parents that your school goes the extra mile. As some states transition to new university entrance standards, and overcomes all those issues boarders face right now, we’re on hand to provide solutions to the ever-changing bevvy of educational challenges.

Couldn’t you do with a hand right now?

We’re ready to partner with you to provide a superior boarding prep and tutoring experience.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself yet…”

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