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Providing a seamless tutoring solution to support schools across Australia.

Partnering with State, Independant and Catholic Schools!

Each school program is designed specifically to your school's needs. We work with you to determine the best way to support your students and align with your curriculum. This may be in the form of an after-school homework club, Limitless Scholarship or extra support for the students who need it most.

A Team Tuition School Tutoring Programs

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Parent-funded, one-to-one tutoring and mentoring

Students are taught metacognitive strategies through the STAR (Secrets to Academics Revealed) Program

Individualised term study plans (ABCD plans)

Sessions focus on improving students' self-confidence, engagement, and academic grades

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Tailored academic support that is guided by your school's curriculum

Students are taught metacognitive strategies through the Teachable Moments Program

Dedicated Program Convenor

Quarterly Reviews and Reporting

Tutor Recruitment, Training, and Supply

Child Safety and Partner Induction

Progress Reporting

The Official Academic Support Experts of The Australian Boarding Schools Association

Official Tutoring Company to the Australian Bording Schools Association

As proud partners of the Australian Boarding Schools Association, we provide customised, student-focused boarding school tutoring during ‘boarding prep’ hours.

Our tutoring service is unlike anything ever seen before in Australian boarding schools. We step in to provide the support and motivation formerly provided to boarding students by parents.

The right support is a key pillar of a child’s success. Parents choose you for an enhanced and superior educational experience for their children. We partner with your school to deliver on that promise.


84% of students


98% Homework completion rate


95% increase in motivation


94% percent of students find the program ENJOYABLE AND IMPACTFUL 

Our solutions are tailor-made for your school and students

The first step is for us to consult with you on your school’s goals. When you work with our team we provide a full strategy for improving your student's grades, confidence and engagement. We’ll help you to overcome staffing issues and lighten your load, your teachers’ load and most importantly the administration load. We don’t just deliver improved grades, we deliver improved experiences for your students throughout the school year.

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