What ATAR Is Required For Veterinary Science In Australia?

What is the required ATAR for Veterinary Science in Australia?

Do you have a child who loves animals and has a passion for animal well-being? Then an undergrad degree in Veterinary Science may be just the right fit! Although there are many undergrad degrees that can prepare graduates to work in agriculture, zoology, or animal research, in order to become a registered veterinarian in Australia, it will take more than just a three-year undergrad degree. It typically takes 5-7 years to complete a bachelor’s degree, followed by a Doctor of Veterinary Science. However, there are some dual degree options that allow you to complete the entire program with just one course. Either way, graduates will need to register with the veterinary board in their state before they will be allowed to practice. Becoming a vet takes a lot of hard work, but for animal lovers, it can be a wonderfully rewarding career. 

ATAR for Veterinary Science

What is the minimum ATAR for Veterinary Science at Australian universities?

As there are not very many schools across Australia that offer degrees in veterinary science, the ATAR does vary quite a bit, but it can be extremely competitive for certain programs. However, upon graduating, there are many available career options. Graduates can work as a veterinarian in both urban or rural settings, conduct research on animal disease and prevention, consult on animal welfare or biosecurity, or teach veterinary medicine at a university. Although there are alternate pathways to becoming a veterinarian, below are the schools that offer Bachelor of Veterinary Science related courses.   

If your child needs assistance to achieve the minimum ATAR for Veterinary Science at the school of their choice, our professional tutors can help. 


What is the ATAR for Veterinary Science in New South Wales?

There are only two schools and four undergraduate veterinary courses available in all of New South Wales so students will need to compete to get into the program of their choice.  The minimum ATAR scores vary from 70 (for a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology) to well into the 90s so if your high school student needs a little extra boost in raising their grades to get the best ATAR possible, A Team Tuition’s professional tutors in Sydney can help. The veterinary undergrad courses in New South Wales are noted below.   

Charles Sturt University 

Bachelor of Veterinary Biology / Bachelor of Veterinary Science 

This course primarily focuses on rural and regional veterinary needs and is designed to prepare veterinarians with the skills they require to work with both farm livestock and horses as well as companion animals and wildlife. 

  • ATAR 90 
  • 6 years full time 
  • Honours program optional 

Bachelor of Veterinary Technology 

Graduates from this program will have the skills needed to work in both urban and rural veterinary clinics, zoos, diagnostic labs, and agricultural settings.  

  • ATAR 70 
  • 3 years full time     

The University of Sydney 

Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

This combined program enables graduates to work as veterinary professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to be industry leaders.  

  • 6 years full time 
  • ATAR 97 

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Animal and Veterinary Bioscience) 

  • 4 years 
  • Guaranteed ATAR of 80 
  • Honours options available     


What is the minimum ATAR for Veterinary Science in Victoria?

Veterinary hopefuls in Victoria will only have one choice of school if they plan to take their undergrad degree in this state. Although the ATAR for veterinary science here isn’t as high as it is at other schools, as it’s the only one, students will still need to do their very best in order to gain entry. If your child needs a little extra help getting to where they need to be, A Team Tuition in Melbourne is here to help. 

La Trobe University 

Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences 

Students can either enter into the workforce with this degree or use it as a pathway into a veterinary medicine degree. 

  • 3 years full time 
  • Lowest selection rank of 60


What is the ATAR for Veterinary Science in Queensland?

Students hoping to study veterinary science in Queensland will have their choice of a few different programs and locations (see below). However, if your child is interested in entering one of the 5-year courses (particularly at the University of Queensland), they will need an almost perfect ATAR score. While this may seem out of reach, it is possible and A Team Tuition can help.  

University of Queensland 

Bachelor of Veterinary Technology 

For students looking for a career in veterinary technology, this course will provide both the theoretical and practical skills needed for working in animal wellbeing. 

  • ATAR 75 
  • 3-year full time program 
  • Honours optional 

Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) 

This highly competitive course allows graduates to become fully qualified and internationally recognised veterinarians.  

  • ATAR 99.5 
  • 5-year program 

Federation University 

Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science 

  • 3-year course 
  • ATAR of 60 Guaranteed 

James Cook University 

Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) 

This 5-year degree allows graduates to practice as a fully qualified veterinarian in Australia with opportunities to work in clinics, vet hospitals, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, biosecurity and more.  

  • No ATAR noted 
  • 5-year program 


What is the minimum ATAR needed for Veterinary Science in Western Australia?

With only one university in Western Australia to offer veterinary science, competition to gain entry is fierce with a minimum ATAR required of 98.  Our highly experienced team of  tutors in Perth can help your child reach their highest potential and have the best possible chance of going on to study veterinary medicine.  

Murdoch University 

Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Biology)/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 

The science based, hands on approach to learning that this course offers will prepare students to be the best of the best in veterinary medicine. This 3-year bachelor degree seamlessly transitions into a two-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program so that students can become fully qualified in just 5 years.  

  • 5-year course 
  • ATAR of 98 


What ATAR do I need to study Veterinary Science in South Australia?

The University of Adelaide offers two veterinary related courses with minimum ATARs ranging from 75-90. In order to secure a spot in one of these select programs, students in South Australia may wish to enlist the help of a professional tutor to have their very best chance of gaining admittance.  

University of Adelaide 

The Bachelor of Veterinary Technology 

  • 3-year course 
  • ATAR of 75 

The Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) 

Graduates from this program gain direct entry into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.  

  • 3-year course 
  • ATAR of 90 


Can you study Veterinary Science without an ATAR?

If you didn’t meet the ATAR for veterinary science at the school of your choice, there are still options to have an exciting career in a veterinary setting. Some universities will allow students to transfer into an undergraduate veterinary science program after completing related courses in another program and many universities also consider vocational experience and bridging programs when looking at new applicants. Another option is to complete a different science or medicine-related undergraduate course, followed by a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine. 

How can I achieve the minimum ATAR for Veterinary Science in Australia?

To have the most success in veterinary science, biology, chemistry, English and Mathematics are key. Each of these subjects will play a part in calculating your child’s ATAR score so students should be sure to aim as high as they can. As the ATAR requirements are continuously evolving, our beginner’s guide to understanding ATAR is an excellent starting point for parents and students who are just starting to navigate the system.  

As the minimum ATAR for veterinary science varies from school to school and fluctuates every year, the best you can do is aim to get the highest grades possible. Regardless of where you are in Australia,  A Team Tuition can help you get into the veterinary program of your choice.