Find Out What ATAR is Needed for Psychology in Queensland

What ATAR do you need to be a Psychologist?

Psychology is a very popular choice for undergrad study as it’s such a diverse field and has many possible pathways and career outcomes. As undergrad students in Psychology gain a deep understanding of human behaviour, as well as critical thinking, reasoning and research methods, a degree in this field can lead to a plethora of career choices. Some graduating students may go on to become Psychologists but many others will work in complementary fields such as human resources, social work, counselling, the justice system, or conduct research in psychologyrelated areas. To become a general Psychologist, it will take a minimum of 6 yearswhile specialty areas require a minimum of 8 years. For students seeking an undergrad program in this field, they’re in luck as there are a wide range of universities offering related degree programs. Most undergrad psychology degrees are 3 years with a 4th year (honours) offered at some schools. Because there are so many undergrad programs available, the minimum ATAR for Psychology varies quite a lot, however, pathways offering an honours program will generally require a higher minimum ATAR for entry. 

Does your child have their sights set on a particular psychology degree program and need a little extra boost with their studies? We’re here to help your child achieve the minimum ATAR for psychology required to get into the school of their choice.

ATAR for psychology

What ATAR is Needed for Psychology?

What ATAR do you need to study Psychology in Queensland? The answer depends on many factors as there are quite a few programs to choose from. In Queensland, the minimum ATAR for Psychology ranges from about 54-87, however, if you’re hoping to achieve guaranteed entry, then you will need to have a minimum ATAR of 93. Also, be aware that ATAR requirements do fluctuate from year to year so it’s always best to be prepared and aim to get the best ATAR possible. If you need a little extra help reaching your goals, professional tutors are here to help.  

What is the Required ATAR for Psychology at Queensland Universities?

Parents and students in Queensland will now have to navigate the new ATAR system to understand which year 11 and 12 courses their child should be taking and what grades their child should be aiming for. With so many pathways available, the ATAR for Psychology varies greatly depending on the school and the undergrad program of choice. However, students will still have to try to achieve the highest ATAR possible to be able to get into the school and program of their choice. See below for the required ATAR for Psychology at Queensland Universities.  

 Note that for students wanting to continue on to postgraduate Psychology studies, they must ensure that they complete APAC accredited pre-requisite subjects in their undergrad degree. 

Bond University’s Bachelor of Psychological Science

  •  2-year, 6 semester accelerated program 
  • Program offers a sound education in the scientific foundations of psychology and an introduction to applied practice. 
  • Minimum ATAR for Psychology is 65 

Central Queensland University’s Psychology Degree Programs

Bachelor of Psychological Science 

This accredited three-year psychology program will allow students to be eligible to apply for a competitive entry position in the 4th year of honours study which prepares students for the coursework necessary to apply for conditional registration as a psychologist or to pursue higher degree studies in Psychology.  

  • 3 years full-time, 6 years part-time 
  • The minimum ATAR for Psychology (adjusted) at CQU was most recently 61.95.  

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) 

The Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) is available for graduates of a three year, accredited Australian Psychology Accreditation Counsel (APAC) degree in psychology. 

Students can pursue a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) degree to become eligible for provisional registration as a psychologist in Australia. 

  • 1-year full time, 2 years part time 
  • Minimum GPA of 5.5 based on completing second and third year approved APAC psychology sequence units. Courses must have been completed within the last 10 years. 
  • Completion of advanced research methods and statistics at year 3 level  

Griffith University Bachelor of Psychological Science

Griffith University offers a 3-year Bachelor degree with a required minimum ATAR for psychology of 66.45 ATAR. They also offer the following dual degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Exercise Science 4.5 years 66.45 ATAR, 70.00 Selection Rank 
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) 5.5 years 83.65 ATAR, 84 Selection Rank 
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Business 4 years 66.45 ATAR, 70.00 Selection Rank 
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice 4 years 66.45 ATAR, 70.00 Selection Rank 
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Master of Mental Health Practice 4 years 66.45 ATAR, 70.00 Selection Rank 
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Rehabilitation Counselling 4 years 66.45 ATAR, 70.00 Selection Rank 

James Cook University’s Bachelor of Psychological Science

  • 3-year program 
  • Minimum ATAR for Psychology is 69.35 

JCU also offers the following combined degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Business 4 years, ATAR 69.4 
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Sport and Exercise 5 years, ATAR 69.35 

Queensland University of Technology’s Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) 

  • 3 years full time/ 6 years part time 
  • 77.00 Selection Rank 
  • If you achieve an ATAR/selection rank of 93.00 or higher (including any adjustments) and satisfy all other admission requirements, you are guaranteed an offer for this course. 

QUT also offers the following dual degree programs with corresponding minimum ATAR for Psychology requirements noted: 

 University of Queensland Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

University of Queensland’s Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) offers comprehensive studies in many facets of psychology including neurodevelopmental, cognitive, social, physiological and abnormal psychology preparing students for a large variety of career options. For students wishing to pursue a career as a registered psychologist, this program is the perfect foundation for postgraduate studies in that field.  

  • 4-year (or part-time equivalent) program 
  • Minimum ATAR for Psychology at University of Queensland is 86.25 (selection rank 87) 
  • Students may also opt to take a Psychology extended major while studying a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree.  

University of Southern Queensland Psychology Degrees

The University of Southern Queensland offers a variety of undergrad and graduate study options in the field of Psychology with the 4-year lowest ATAR for Psychology programs being 54.55. 

Calculating your ATAR Score for a Psychology Degree

Although it may take some time to fully understand the benefits of the new ATAR system, Queensland parents and students are slowly becoming more familiar with how the new ATAR system works. If you’re just starting to familiarize yourself with it, read through this handy beginner’s guide to understanding ATAR to get a top-level understanding. As it uses a complex calculation based on a combination of student’s assessments and exam marks, school rankings and scaling, it can take some time to navigate. For more information, Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) offers a detailed ATAR guide for a more thorough explanation of how this new ranking system works.  

What if you don’t have the minimum ATAR for Psychology?

As there are so many Psychology related undergrad programs on offer, students will have a variety of ways to gain entry as many schools consider vocational experience and bridging programs when looking at new applicants. Many universities also use selection ranks which take into consideration things such as attending schools in certain locations, year 12 subject performance, and eligibility for Educational Access Schemes. Post-secondary schools using this system will automatically use your ATAR + adjustments (if you are eligible) to determine your selection rank for a particular course.  

How to achieve the ATAR for Psychology in Queensland

As there are so many Psychology programs available, the minimum ATAR for Psychology varies quite a bit, allowing room for many students to enter this field of study. However, the honours programs require higher grades so if your child is set on one of these programs, they will need to ensure that they have the necessary ATAR to secure their spot. A Team Tuition’s highly skilled  elite educators can create a customised program just for your child to help motivate and inspire them to achieve their goals and have the very best shot at getting into the Psychology program of their choice.  

What ATAR do you need to be a Psychologist?

With so many options available, the ATAR for Psychology is just one aspect to preparing for a career in this field. Applicants must have excellent problem-solving stills, be critical thinkers, and have a genuine interest in understanding human behaviour. If your child has the qualities and skills required but just needs a little extra help in boosting their motivation or confidence in a particular subject, A Team Tuition can help. With a little help from the experts, your child will be on their way to pursuing an exciting career in Psychology in no time!