Find Out What ATAR Is Needed For Nursing In Melbourne

ATAR for Nursing

What ATAR do you need to be a Nurse in Melbourne?

Is your child considering a future in nursing? With a prediction for strong future growth, nursing is a very rewarding career choice for people interested in caring for others. It also provides a great opportunity for growth as well as international travel. The most direct way to become a nurse is to complete a Bachelor of Nursing degree and Melbourne has a fairly wide range of schools and degree options available in this field. As most of these programs do require an ATAR for entry, students will need to do their research to find out the exact ATAR for nursing at each school.  


If your child is concerned that they won’t have the ATAR needed to get into the nursing school of their choice, A Team Tutors in Melbourne can help.


What is the ATAR for nursing Melbourne universities are looking for?

With nine universities in Melbourne offering a total of seventeen nursing degree options, Melbourne students will be sure to find a program and school that is a good fit. The ATAR for nursing Melbourne students will need to achieve ranges from 50 all the way up into the 90s so students will need to do their research and ensure that they are prepared with the score that they need to get into the school of their choice.  

What is the ATAR for Nursing at Melbourne Universities?

Australian Catholic University 

At Australian Catholic University (ACU), students can choose between a standard 3-year nursing degree or a dual degree that combines business management with nursing. Their nursing programs in Melbourne are:  

Deakin University 

Deakin University in Melbourne offers five nursing degree programs with ATARs ranging from 72 – 92 and offers a standalone 3-year nursing degree as well as dual degree options. 


This school has one of the most attainable ATAR for nursing requirements as the most recent lowest ATAR needed was 50.

La Trobe University  

La Trobe University in Melbourne offers students the choice of a stand-alone nursing degree as well as a dual nursing/ midwifery option.  

Monash University 

Like La Trobe, Monash University also offers students a choice to study a single or dual degree, with the ATARs at this school being slightly lower than La Trobe.  

RMIT University 

Torrens University 

Swinburne University of Technology 

Victoria University 

Victoria Uni offers both a single and dual degree option for nursing school hopefuls.  

How to achieve the ATAR for Nursing in Melbourne

In Melbourne, undergraduate program admissions are calculated by VTAC – Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre. As ATAR scores are nearly impossible to predict from year to year, students just have to aim for the highest marks possible and do their very best. If your child needs help in specific high school subjects that are prerequisites for nursing (such as English and Biology), enlisting the help of a professional tutor can be a great idea. A Team’s elite educators can create a customised program for your child to help them get into the nursing school of their dreams.   

How to get into Nursing without an ATAR

For those wanting to get into nursing without an ATAR, many universities offer bridging courses and bridging programs as well as other pathways to help gain entry. Some universities also offer an Enrolled Nursing pathway but it’s best to check with each individual university to see what options each one offers. In addition to an ATAR, most schools will require the following prerequisites before students are able to start clinical placements: 

  • A working with children check 
  • Police check 
  • Up to date vaccinations 
  • Senior First Aid 
  • CPR  
  • Completion of a cultural training sensitivity module   

For students who already have an undergraduate degree (including the required prerequisite subjects), post-graduate nursing studies may also be an option.    

Can I achieve the ATAR for nursing Melbourne universities are looking for?

If you have a sincere passion for helping others and want to play a significant part in shaping the future health of both individuals and communities, a nursing career could be just what you’re looking for. This high demand, diverse and flexible career choice can open many doors for students wanting to work in the healthcare industry. Although the ATAR for nursing in Melbourne varies greatly between schools and programs, nursing is a highly sought-after career choice, and your preferred school may be quite competitive to get into. However, the professional tutors at A Team Tuition can help ease some of the pressure and enable students to gain the confidence and motivation required to help them achieve their very best and be off to a rewarding career in nursing in no time.