Three Signs You Need a Year 10 Tutor

Three signs you need a Year 10 tutor

Three signs your Year 10 student needs a tutor

Year 10 is an important step in your child’s educational career because it sets them up for their senior years of high school. There is a lot of pressure placed on them to succeed and find themselves on their desired career path. This is because there is an importance placed on achieving high academic results. Finding intrinsic motivation is important in achieving these better results to set your child up to thrive in their final school years. So, here’s some signs your child needs a Year 10 tutor!

1: They lack confidence

Your child probably won’t tell you outright that they aren’t confident. But their attitude will say plenty. They may spend less time on schoolwork, be unwilling to do their best and try to get out of school. They may avoid talking about their school work when you ask and hide their struggle. There are instances where your child has already given up and think they are not good enough. That is never true! It is important that drive is found before achieving curriculum standards. A Year 10 tutor can help find the best way for your child to learn and find the passion and resilience to feel empowered to reach their goals.  

2: They are very stressed (or not at all)

We know that Year 10 is a stressful year for your high schooler, but you don’t want them anxious and frantic about schoolwork. They need to be in a clear mindset to complete work to a high standard. On the other hand, they may be the complete opposite and dismiss school work altogether, leaving it to the last minute. Both of these types of children need organisation skills and a focussed mindset to achieve their desired results. Tutors can mentor your child and find strategies that suit their individual learning and work style. Not only will these important skills enable your child to be a high achiever in Year 10, but they can also positively impact study and work habits for a lifetime.  

3: Their grades show that they are struggling

Lastly, but most importantly, your child’s assessment results and report cards are the biggest indicators they may need a tutor. With Year 11 and 12 on the horizon, it is the reality that your child will need to achieve certain grades to get into their desired higher study course. Are the grades your child is achieving needing improvement considering their goals? Your child’s teacher may not have much time to work with your child one-on-one to pinpoint where every issue is. A tutor can help with the specific issues your child is facing and ensure your child is not left behind. 

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