What Are the Hardest and Easiest VCE Subjects?

Selecting the right VCE subjects can be quite daunting, especially with such an extensive list of options. It is important that you understand the content that the subjects require you to learn, before making your final decision. 

Often, by selecting the VCE subjects that you find most interesting and engaging, you are indirectly selecting the easiest VCE subjects for you. By finding enjoyment in the content you’re learning, you are more likely to feel motivated to study and overall understand the content you’re learning to a higher degree, making the process of graduating VCE easier.  

What Are the Easiest VCE Subjects?

The degree to which you find a subject easy is quite subjective. Factors such as previous knowledge, enjoyment, and motivation all play a part in determining which subjects are best suited to you. 

Math Methods 

Math Methods is believed to be the middle ground of VCE Mathematics, it is easier than Specialist but harder than Further Mathematics. The content taught in methods includes learning to manipulate complicated algebraic expressions, understand principles of statistics, and use mathematics to solve real-life problems (1). The content is quite simple, with Unit 3 and 4 being a repeat of Units 1 and 2. It is therefore easier to get good at maths methods due to studying similar concepts over two years.


Mainstream English is thought to be the easiest English option provided by VCAA. With students learning how to dissect texts for themes from quite early on in their schooling journey, most consider it quite easy to get an A in English. English helps to develop your ability to create and analyse texts, moving from interpretation to reflection and critical analysis (2). The assessment tasks include comparative essays, article analysis, creative writing, persuasive text, and an oral presentation (2). 

Health and Human Development 

Health is considered an easier VCE subject due to the content taught. The study design outlines concepts such as dimensions of health, Australian Healthcare Systems, Government health incentives (3), and any other health related concepts that you come across in your daily life. The subject is easier than most as it is often covers knowledge that you would already have a foundation understanding of. The content is relevant and useful in understanding how Australian and global health systems function (3). 

What Are the Hardest VCE Subjects?

The following subjects may be instinctively hard for some students but quite enjoyable for others. Again, if you find these VCE subjects interesting engaging, and suited to your strengths, they may be the easiest VCE subjects for you.

Legal Studies 

It is considered harder to excel in legal studies due to the abundant amount of weekly reading, writing, and intense memorisation of concepts (4). Unit 1/2 is the first exposure most students get to legal studies with the Victorian curriculum not particularly offering much prior learning of the subject from year 7 to 10. Lots of the concepts are therefore new and required to be learnt at a faster pace than most other VCE subjects.  


Getting an A in physics is deemed quite difficult due to the multiple formulas and calculations involved in the subject. Physics is a combination of science and mathematics with a large syllabus containing laws, hand rules, vector quantities, and scalar quantities (5). Remembering and applying these equations to exam questions can be quite overwhelming without dedicated focus and study time. 


Literature requires students to look beyond the words of the text and further explore the meaning behind the text (6). The texts looked at in literature are often less modernised and more complex than mainstream English. The focus of literature essays is to explore why the author is writing the way they are and message they are trying to convey about their time (6). Students who are unable to think laterally may find it complicated to grasp an in depth meaning of the texts explored in literature.  

How many VCE Subjects Can You Do?

To meet VCE requirements, you must complete a minimum of 16 units of VCE content. This equivalates to 4 subjects from Units 1-4 with at least 1 being English (7). 

Upon completing 4 primary VCE subjects, students (with school permission and guidance) can select to complete up to 2 additional incremental subjects. Completing these extra 2 subjects can put you at an advantage of achieving a higher ATAR, with 10% of the score from the incremental subject attributing towards your final ATAR (7). 

Tips for Choosing the Best VCE Subjects For You

Before making your final decision, it is recommended that you read through the study designs of each subject to grasp a better understanding of the content and assessment expectations. 

It is also useful to ask advice from a guidance counsellor, teacher, or parent. Remember to keep in mind the course that you desire to study after graduating as subjects may act as pre-requisites for course entry.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) recognise that some content taught in subjects may be easier to understand compared to others. VCAA therefore uses a scaling system to rank and average out scores received in all subjects from most to least competitive. This ensures that despite what subject’s students chose to study, all results are appropriately distributed. 

It is therefore not always necessarily smarter to choose the “easier” subjects based on the principle of having a decreased workload. Ensure that you are choosing subjects that you enjoy and find stimulating! 

Want to Excel in All Your VCE Subjects?

Using external resources such as teachers, additional textbooks, study groups, and private tutoring sessions are most beneficial in helping excel your VCE subjects.

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