How These VCE English Tutors Get Such BIG Results


How the RIGHT VCE English Tutor Gets BIG Results 

It’s been quite the journey for Melbourne high school students (and frankly, their parents).  With VCE looming large on your teen’s horizon, give them the confidence to achieve the results they need. Whether they’ve got a goal ATAR in mind, or they need to get better English results to achieve their VCE, English is the most important subject. You can’t get into any uni course without a passing grade in English and you can’t get a Victorian Certificate of Education without a pass in English. So, how does an A Team Tuition VCE English Tutor work differently?  And how does that turn into such BIG results?

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It’s not just VCE, our approach to tutoring changes everything… literally

VCE English tutoring cannot be a “one size fits all”.  Neither can Grade 5 maths.  Nor can Year 8 science.  While the curriculum may be standardised, the student’s challenges never are. Your child’s struggles with VCE English could be underscored by any number of issues.  So our tutors work to overcome their barriers to achievement first, and then improved grades follow.

Top reasons kids fail VCE English

The answer is rarely laziness. It’s rarely that the child is incapable. These are often side effects of underlying issues.  It could be poor self-esteem/ lack of confidence.  It could be that your child is a left brain thinker who consumes information best through visual means, rather than aural.  It could simply be that they aren’t getting the support they need at school. The difference between an A student, and a C student is usually just a change in attitude and mindset. Once our tutors get to the heart of the issue, they develop a study strategy that includes overcoming these barriers.  And the results are remarkable.

See how Afiyah went from Ds to Bs in a single year.

Learn how Jordan went from a C student to a top ATAR achiever in 6 months

See how two girls, for whom English was an additional language, went on to achieve dream results and a coveted uni placement in law

Language doesn’t come easy to some kids, and that’s OK

There’s a misconception that the mathematics and sciences are the “hard VCE subjects”. For a child who isn’t an aural learner, English can be far more difficult to master.  English has fewer rules, it cannot be “rote learned”, there isn’t a set formula, which, if followed, gives a defined answer.  English, and all the humanities subjects, are complex and very subjective.  For a left-brain thinker, it can be almost impossible to master the subject.  But don’t worry, call in a VCE English tutor and see what a remarkable difference it makes.

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