Not Sending Kids Back to School This Term? Here’s a REAL Solution for Parents

Primary School Tutors for return to school delays

Not Sending Your Kids Back to Primary School This Term? Here’s a REAL Solution for Parents

Are you concerned about the welfare of your child in the face of growing concerns over the quickly spreading Omicron variant? You are most definitely not alone. It feels as if, given the fact that school is just around the corner, we are potentially throwing our children to the wolves. Childhood COVID-19 vaccinations began on the 10th of January 2022, but even if your child has had their first dose they will not be fully vaccinated before term begins. Recent announcements extended school holidays for some students for two weeks but, even so, the problem remains as to how to keep our children safe while still allowing their education to progress.  

Primary School Tutors are the Solution

These two weeks of extended holidays are a potential reprieve for parents, but the question remains – how do we secure success for our children? They have had their formative years at school completely disrupted by closures, online learning, and lockdowns already. Although many of us hoped that 2022 would be a fresh start, the current climate suggests otherwise.  

Tutors for under 12’s can work with your child in an online, completely COVID-safe environment where your child will be able to grow in confidence and find their footing in a turbulent time. The tutors at A Team Tuition are impeccably trained to deliver and support school curriculum via strategies that are designed to engage and excite primary school students. Many children are disengaged from their learning as they have had so many obstacles in previous years. Now is the time to secure a professional tutor who can help them begin the year afresh.  

Many parents have already made the decision to secure the services of A Team Tuition to help their primary school students. The two-week delay to the start of schooling in Queensland provides the perfect opportunity to start the new year right. There are only a limited number of tutors to go around, though. The time is NOW to ensure your child’s enthusiasm for learning returns.  

How Can Primary School Tutors Help My Child?

Learning should be fun. It should speak to children in a voice that they understand. It should excite them, challenge them, and capture their minds and hearts. All learners present differently and should be treated as such – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to tuition.  

Your child will be assessed and have their needs determined before being matched with the perfect tutor. All the tutors at A Team Tuition are engaging, energetic and excited to assist your child on their educational journey. Your child will love these sessions that are precisely tailored for them. They will be able to talk about their learning and really grasp new and exciting concepts (which they may have missed during the chaos of the last two years) in a way that will perfectly align with the content that they will be covering in the classroom. Our tutors for 5–11-year-olds know exactly how to reach your child.  

Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Progress?

We all are. Every parent in Australia has watched their children go through lockdowns and disruptions that have had very real impacts on their morale and resilience. We have seen the tears, felt their pain and suffered alongside them as they struggle to navigate this “new normal.”  

Parents just like you have reached out to A Team Tuition for much needed support. As the number of students that we work with grows, the number of places that we have available goes down. Rather than being left out and left behind, ensure that you take decisive action in these uncertain times and secure a highly skilled and qualified primary school tutor to work with your child.  

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