Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HSC Tutor

If your child is undertaking the HSC and struggling, it might be time to hire an HSC tutor. But how do you know which tutor is the right one for your child? How can they motivate your child to achieve the best possible results? A Team Tuition is here, ready to offer any assistance you might require. We’ve come up with 5 questions you should ask before hiring an HSC tutor – and why a local A Team Tuition tutor in Sydney is the best possible choice for your child.  

HSC, ATAR, What’s the Difference? 

We’ve all heard the acronyms associated with the final years of high school – HSC, ATAR etc. But what’s the difference? The HSC (or higher school certificate) is obtained after your child finishes Year 12. By completing the HSC, your child can then receive their ATAR, which is a culmination of their HSC results into a percentile number to compare their marks with everyone in the rest of New South Wales.  

So, if your child is struggling at school during their final two years, you should look into HSC tutors to help them specifically with this.  

Considering an HSC tutor for your child? These five questions will help you decide which tutoring service will best suit your child and their individual goals.

What to ask an HSC tutor

Now that you know the type of tutor you’re after, the next step is choosing the right one for your child. But how? These questions can help you decide which tutor to hire. 


What qualifications and training does the tutor have? 

At A Team Tuition, our HSC tutors are recruited, trained, and developed to encourage children to rise to any challenge. Our tutors are chosen based on their values and their ability to mentor and support their students.  


How will the tutor determine the best way to help and motivate my child? 

Our tutors take an individual approach, where we develop tailored plans based on the needs of the student. This includes their strengths and weaknesses and what they may be struggling with. We know that every student learns differently, and so we reshape the curriculum to help them best absorb the information they need. 


What strategies will the HSC tutor use to ensure my child achieves the best possible results? What if they still struggle? 

At A Team Tuition, we have developed a program called STAR. Designed by tutors, teachers, and other educational professionals, this program works with your child to ensure they know what they need to do in order to be successful. These strategies are based on years of research, and allow students to learn the skills of an A grade student. These are skills they carry with them into university and beyond. 


Does the tutor have a good understanding of the school’s curriculum? 

A Team Tuition develops relationships with local schools and has a thorough understanding of the school’s curriculum. We’ve also developed a resource database that allows us to fully align with the curriculum 


Will the tutor work with my child longterm? 

Our HSC tutors create plans designed to work with your child throughout the school year, and possibly longer if required. We aren’t just there for a term – we aim to stick with your child and help them produce the results they’re after.  


For more information about how a HSC tutor can help your child achieve your best results, contact A Team Tuition today on 02 0963 9544