TICK TOCK: NOW is Your Last Chance to NAIL ATAR this Year!

ATAR Preparation 2021

There is officially less than two months until the ATAR examination period commences, with the first exam commencing on Tuesday the 12th of October 2021. Now, that may seem like a long time for students to prepare but this time will fly by!  

This may also seem like a long period of time to keep students motivated and focused on the end goal – and for that, we are here to help.  

We can straight away tell you that simply demanding that your child study isn’t going to be the best approach. Not only is that going to encourage defiance, but could also make them feel as though they do not have your support during this time.  

To support your child and encourage them to keep moving ahead in completing the life-changing final semester, here is what you can do. 

Encourage Them To Stay Organised

Having a physical planner is a great way for students to visualise what needs to be done and in what timeframes. Making sure they have noted all key dates is essential, but also make sure they are adding in activities they love and can look forward to throughout the semester. Productivity apps and software are another great tool to have, particularly if you’re more of a digital planner.   

Find The Right Environment

Finding the right environment to study in is essential – and different for everyone. Some people study best in a quiet, secluded space, while others prefer to be outdoors or amongst others. Note that a study environment doesn’t have to be in one location. It can actually be quite helpful to move around to help break up the day.  

ATAR Preparation 2021

Encourage Having Friends Over

If your child is feeling a little unmotivated or isolated, inviting friends over to form a study group can be very helpful. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so this is a great way to learn from one another.  

Utilise Exercise

Exercise is a brilliant way to maintain attention span and keep brain juices flowing. A quick 20 minutes is enough to help refresh and revitalise the body and therefore the brain.  

Don’t Forget About Hobbies

Focusing on high school studies is great! But focusing too much can be detrimental to overall wellbeing. Balance is key. Encouraging your child to maintain a hobby through these final semesters is a great way to ensure they don’t burn out. This will also keep the stress levels down with some healthy distraction. 

Make Sure They Have A Goal In Mind For Their ATAR

This may seem obvious but many students forget to set specific goals for themselves and for the ATAR. This could be a numerical goal, or one that is more future-focused like their dream job. Either way, make sure your child has at least one of these in mind they can focus on. 

Your child has big dreams. Are they on course to realise them? Book one of our experienced ATAR tutors to help.