What is the difference between a teacher and a tutor?

Teachers and tutors both play important roles in helping students learn. All teachers, tutors and Academic Personal Trainers(APT) have full access to the Australian curriculum, but there are some key differences between the two. 

Teachers work in a classroom setting and are responsible for delivering a specific curriculum to a group of students, with the primary goal of ensuring that students meet academic standards and requirements. At school, a teacher often has more than twenty students, with varying levels of academic ability, and so it is incredibly difficult to adjust lessons based on each child’s individual needs. A tutor is personalised attention!

Tutors work one-to-one with students in their home, local library or other familiar space and provide personalised support and guidance to help students achieve their learning objectives or goals. Tutors work with students on a specific subject or skill, using a flexible and tailored approach to meet individual student needs. We call our tutors Academic Personal Trainers because they offer more than just tutoring. During your child’s Transformation Program, our APTs work to improve their mindset, offer support, provide study and assessment strategies, as well as tutoring which will help them succeed throughout their academic journey, and in life. 

While teachers have a broader involvement in a student’s overall academic development, tutors’ involvement is typically focused on providing individual support. 

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