Do you offer tutoring for exams and standardised tests, such as NAPLAN and entrance exams?

Our Transformation Program lays the foundation needed to be successful during exams, which includes NAPLAN and Entrance Exam Preparation. 

NAPLAN is a set of four or five standardised tests depending on your child’s year level that are taken by students in years 3, 5, 7, and 9 in the second week of March. NAPLAN tests cover writing, spelling, grammar, reading, and numeracy skills. Our Transformation Program focuses on giving your child the opportunity to achieve their best results and feel good after taking their NAPLAN tests! This includes building their confidence, test taking strategies, and leveraging their learning language to achieve better outcomes overall. 

Entrance exams are required for selective entry high schools in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, and Western Australia. The entry into selective entry schools is usually determined through a highly competitive entrance exam. The examination dates and requirements for these highly sought after schools vary in different states.  Our transformative tutoring focuses on preparing your child for these exams by building their confidence, practice questions, developing test taking strategies and ensuring they understand the content. 

Our Academic Personal Trainers can also support students with SAT test prep, which may be a requirement if your child is looking at international sporting programs or going to university overseas. 

There can be a lot of pressure on students to perform well on their testing, and this time can be stressful for many students. This is why transformative tutoring sessions can be an important factor when test-taking. Having one on one preparation gives your child the tools they need to go into the exam confident they will do their best.

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