Does A Team Tuition offer holiday tutoring programs?

At A Team Tuition, we offer, and highly encourage, holiday transformative tutoring programs. 

School holidays present the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the game whilst other students are away on holidays or on break. Holidays are the best opportunity to work on the gaps in students’ knowledge and focus on their points of weakness that may be holding them back throughout the school term, without the pressure of looming due dates and clashing timetables.

Every year, we release our Holiday Program offer at the beginning of December. This can be booked for both new families and our current families and used in the holiday period. For our current families, many choose to continue with a few sessions over the holidays with their APT (tutor/mentor), and some opt for more intensive programs. 

If you would like to enrol your child in our holiday transformative tutoring programs you can reach out to our Transformation Specialists or if you are a current client, reach out to your Support Manager.

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