Can private tutoring help improve my child’s academic performance?

Private tutoring can help improve a child’s academic performance in several ways. When asking “Does tutoring help my child?” there are different ways tutoring can help with academic performance. 

When it comes to subject content, a tutor can provide additional support and guidance to help your child understand difficult concepts and complete assignments. This can be especially helpful for children who are struggling in school or who have specific learning needs.

Our Transformation Program goes beyond just tutoring. We incorporate tutoring, mentoring and our metacognitive strategy, the STAR, to work with your child to ensure that they understand exactly what they need to do to be successful and improve academic performance. Our Academic Personal Trainers not only work on content knowledge, but also look at other facets of what creates an ‘A’ Student, and more importantly an ‘A’ standard human being. This includes working with your child on a growth mindset, support networks, goal setting, time management, stress management, exam, and study strategy, and other essential components of success. Our transformative tutoring doesn’t only work for specific subjects (Math & English) but develops the skills needed to succeed in any academic environment. 


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