How long are transformative tutoring sessions, and can they be customised?

As the parent of a child looking for academic support, you might be wondering how we determine the length of our Transformation Program. At A Team Tuition, we take several factors into consideration when recommending a plan for your child.

  • First, we conduct a Transformation Planning Session where we’ll discuss your child’s strengths, goals, opportunities, specific year level, and the student’s level of understanding. This allows us to determine which of our three programs (Limitless, Advantage or Accelerator) is best suited for your child and provide you with your child’s Personalised Transformation Program. 
  • Second, we also take into account the availability of both the student and the tutor. Our goal is to offer convenient scheduling options that work best for your family in your home or in a location that works best for you while still conducting our proven amount of hours per week to ensure transformation occurs. 

In general, the ideal tutoring session (whether you work with us or another provider) length is a minimum of 1.5 hours. This provides a balanced approach to learning and enough time for both the tutor to cover the material and for the student to ask questions and engage in interactive discussions. At A Team Tuition, we take it a step further to ensure the best possible outcome for our students! Each of our three programs (Limitless, Advantage & Accelerator) are designed to improve your child’s confidence, motivation and grades in Maths and/or English within 6 months. 

To get a better understanding of our Transformation Programs, we encourage you to reach out to our team of Transformation Specialists. 

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