What is your policy if my child doesn’t connect with their APT or is not happy with their transformative tutoring sessions?

We know that having a support system for your family is essential, which is why your Transformative Tutoring Program includes access to a dedicated Customer Support Manager. This manager is available at all times to handle any situations or concerns pertaining to your child’s program. 

If you express to us that your child is not connecting with their Academic Personal Trainer or you are unhappy with the services being provided, our team will take the following steps to address the situation:

Initial Discussion: Your support manager will have a thorough conversation with you to understand the specific concerns. They will inquire about the reasons behind the concern, areas where you feel improvement is needed, and your expectations for desired changes.

Collaboration with APT’s Manager: Your support manager will collaborate with the manager responsible for the assigned APT. They will collectively investigate the root causes of the concern and determine if it can be addressed through strategies, counselling, or additional training for the APT. If feasible, the support manager and APT manager will work together to implement these strategies during your child’s sessions. This approach aims to avoid unnecessary APT changes and maintain continuity for your child.

APT Transfer (if necessary): If the issue persists despite the efforts of the APT manager and implementation of strategies, or if it becomes clear that an APT change is essential, a request for a transfer will be initiated. We acknowledge the significance of a positive and supportive relationship between APTs and students for effective learning. Therefore, we will make every effort to facilitate an APT change that aligns better with your child’s needs and preferences. Our team will work closely with you to ensure the new APT is a more compatible match, creating a comfortable, engaging, and motivating tutoring environment for your child.

Throughout this process, we remain committed to maintaining open lines of communication with you and your child. We prioritise addressing concerns promptly and providing ongoing support to ensure a positive experience during their transformative tutoring journey. Our ultimate goal is to empower your child to excel academically and create a supportive learning environment.

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