Can transformative tutoring help children improve life skills like time management?

Our transformative tutoring program doesn’t only benefit academic skills, but life skills as well. In your child’s program, they’ll approach learning from a metacognitive perspective using our metacognitive training course, STAR, which also focuses on building your child’s life skills and academic skills. This includes working on your child’s time management skills.

Time management allows your child to allocate time within all aspects of your life, including school, work, sport and social commitments. Research reveals that time management is a clear reflection of academic achievement. Good time management will positively impact grades and study-life balance, by reducing any unnecessary stress and ensuring tasks are completed on time.

Our Academic Personal Trainers can show your child effective time management strategies that will help your child achieve their goals. This includes helping your child: 

  • Understand why time management is so important for consistent success within school.
  • Understand different systematic approaches that can be used for time management. 
  • Use different time management approaches to achieve their goals.

Would you like to help your child improve their time management skills?

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