Does A Team Tuition provide homeschool tutoring support?

At A Team Tuition, we provide transformative tutoring and mentoring support to many families who homeschool, in order to compliment their routine.

Homeschooled children need as much academic support as children who attend school and our transformative tutoring sessions are a great way to help homeschooled children. 

There are many reasons homeschooling families may choose to engage in tutoring/mentoring support:

  • An Academic Personal Trainer (tutor/mentor) can provide support and guidance in areas where the child’s homeschooling program may be lacking or could use additional support. This can help ensure that the child receives a well-rounded education and makes progress in all subject areas.
  • Tutoring can serve as a form of mentoring, with the APT acting as a mentor and role model for the student. Someone other than parents demonstrating good study habits, work ethic, and a commitment to learning can help students develop their own positive habits and attitudes toward learning.
  • It can sometimes be difficult for homeschooled children to stay motivated and engaged in their studies, having an APT can provide that external motivation to stay on track and succeed.

Would your child benefit from a tutor?

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