VCE Biology Study Design: What Changed in 2022 & How It Works

VCE Biology

VCE Biology Study Design is Changing From 2022

VCE Biology is adapting, and the study design is changing for students new to the courses from 2022 onwards. This subject is always scaled and it’s important for your child to understand what lies ahead of them. These changes also herald the need for focused tuition with a concentration upon skill building and resilience.  

What is changing in VCE Biology study design?

VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) have been making moves towards a new VCE Biology study design for a while. This is to better prepare students for what’s to come in terms of tertiary study. It’s also to improve study skills, better understand the natural world, develop creative and critical thinking, and enhance analytical skills.  

How will the new study design work?

The new study design will create a more cohesive course of study with a focus on not only academic rigour but a concentration on a skill set that students across the spectrum will be able to tap into more easily. 

Unit 1 (Year 11 semester one) will concentrate on the regulation capacity of organisms. Unit 2 (Year 11 semester two) will look at the idea of inheritance and its impact on diversity. Please note that if your child is doing an accelerated Unit 1 study, they will undertake this work during Year 10. 

Units 3 and 4 (Year 12) will look at how cells maintain life and then how life changes and responds to challenges. 

What were they studying before?

Units 1 and 2 looked at how organisms stay alive and how continuity of life is maintained. Units 3 and 4 continued this work with cell maintenance and the idea of how life changes based on different introduced elements.  

Some aspects of the old study design will remain the same as dictated by VCAA. 

How can tuition help?

Studying biology is a rigorous discipline. It asks a lot of students, with learners required to maintain resilience and an academic mindset throughout the course of study. 

Specialised tuition is the key to success. A Team Tuition’s tutors can fully grasp all aspects of the new curriculum and tailor delivery in a way that will speak to learners in a language that they can understand. Working on key study skills, mapping ways into the curriculum to make it more accessible and building on feedback from your student’s teacher will underpin the tuition methodology with a focus on success.